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Tekken Team Battle - New Promotional Campaign

For those unfamiliar with the mobile game - "Tekken Team Battle" is an online smartphone game that is integrated with the Japanese Tekken-Net service for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited (Arcade.) You use your Tekken-Net account to log in and play a small game where you level up Tekken characters and do battles for stats and experience. This week, Bandai Namco announced that there will be a new campaign being run for the game which will include prizes such as Special "Tekken Team Battle" Banapassport cards (Limited to 50 people only) and a title plate (チームの絆) to use in the arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The event will commence on the 14th of May at 02:00 PM and last until the 18th of June at 10:00 AM (JST.) If you are interested in playing the game on your phone, you will have to first create a Japanese banapassport account and then log into the game with it.

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Tekken-Net Introduces the Item Mall

Well, I would be lying If I said I wasn't expecting this in some form but it looks like its debut was a little earlier then I expected. (Was thinking it was debuting in TR honestly) As mentioned, the Item Mall is a new store introduced onto the TEKKEN-NET website that allows you to buy certain special items with money (all in USD pricing) for you to use in the arcade version of TTT2. Players still have the option to buy/earn these customizations in the regular store with gold and tickets but this new method of paying for the items looks to hasten the process If you really wanted a specific item. I've added more details of these along with item pricing below.

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