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Akuma Currently Has the Largest Pool of Higher Ranked Players in Japan

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution has now been out for roughly 2 months and the data on how well certain players and their characters are piling in on Tekken-net to review. The most interesting piece of info I'm taking away from is the amount of high ranked Japanese players for each character. This I feel gives a good idea on not only who is succeeding well in Tekken, but which character as well. If you're not aware, Tekken 7 uses a ranking system that goes from Beginners into the Dans and from there it goes into a series of ranks organised by their color scheme. It's not a 1:1 representation but I would say, a player that got to the red ranks (Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu & Suzaku) in Tekken 7 is roughly the equivalent of a Street Fighter player getting something like Platinum rank in SFV. With all that said, here is all the data I compiled from Tekken-net.

Dan Ranks (Tekken 7.0) ≫

Tekken-net JP (Tekken 7.0) ≫

Tekken-net JP (Tekken 7 Fated Retribution) ≫

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Tekken-Net - 8/31 Taiko No Tatsujin X T7FR Collaboration Campaign

The previously revealed Tekken 7 Fated Retribution collaboration with Taiko No Tatsujin Red Ver. arcade rhythm game now has Tekken-net campaign detailed on the Tekken-Official website. It's a month long period starting from the end of August and running until the end of September that allows players to purchase and unlock new in-game items for T7FR such as player panels and icons, character and life bar customizations as well as some new hit sparks. If you happen to be in Japan playing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution and keen on dressing your characters in new gear, you can look forward to getting the new additions. Details on the campaign are translated below.

Taiko No Tatsujin X Tekken 7 FR ≫

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T7FR - New Swimwear Customizations Added to Tekken-net

Along with Bob and the balance changes, Tekken-net got updated with a new batch of customization items with a summer theme. All the girls of Tekken got tropical bikinis while all the guys got one piece swimwear or fundoshis (all of these can be color customized by the way.) Images are up online on Tekken-net but I have them all posted below if you don't have an account. You can look at the announcement notice on Tekken-official here:

Tekken-net New Customizations Added ≫

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TEKKEN-NET Carry Over Data from Tekken 7 to Fated Retribution

Alongside the June 15 Press conference news, Tekken Official published a final complete list of all carry over data from Tekken 7 in arcades to the Fated Retribution update. Ranks are not getting completely reset but rather, you'll start off with a lower rank in Fated Retribution when it goes live next month. The most notable of news to come from this is that Treasure box and item development have been removed and that a new fight money shop is being implemented into Tekken-net. This news may not be much for those waiting out on console version but for those playing on the arcade version, I translated the list of carry over information below.


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Arcade Tekken 7 Large Scale Customization Campaign

A new online update to the Arcade versions of Tekken 7 rolled out today which contains improvements to the online matchmaking as well as a large addition of character customizations. Tekken 7 'Ver. L' brings along at least 1 new costume for each character and some of these might be costumes some have been waiting for. To get in on some of the customizations, TEKKEN-NET is running a large scale customization campaign from December 16th to January 13th Japan time for players to get a chance to get everything. The customization should be rolled out now to all regions with Tekken 7 arcade cabinets linked to Tekken-net so check and log-in to your Tekken-net site to check it out. The Japanese Tekken Official page for the event can be seen here:

TEKKEN 7 Large Scale Customization Campaign ≫

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