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09/05/2016 - Neadline Hews 

It's been a long week. Next event for any big Tekken announcements is Tokyo Game Show which is on September 15 - 18.




$449 Jacket [YouTube] [Store Page]

ATP Live 139 ft. @reepal and @ricksteeezy [UNCENSORED] [YouTube]


A slow news week, but the podcast must go on. Includes a discussion of how fighting games should be priced @ 21:06

00:00 - Small Talk
02:30 - There's Nothing Going On
03:01 - T7FR Lee/Violet Announcement
07:50 - Getting some Water, Pardon the Mute
09:46 - Summer Jam, Wizard World
13:12 - Wizard World Richmond (VA)
14:25 - Lee/Violet Take 2 - Console Exclusive?
18:00 - KOF14, as told by Rickstah
21:06 - Should a fighting game be $60?
30:43 - Other Toppings
34:05 - MKXL on PC
35:22 - Tokyo Game Show, other upcoming events
37:12 - KOF14 Take 2 - Twitch Viewership, General FG Visibility
43:11 - Looking Forward: T7 Console @ WNF and/or Super Arcade
47:00 - Plugs, Random Toppings
56:40 -Bitches, Post-Show

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-- Watch live at

LOL - Killa6 vs Turk offline w/ Killa6 LIVE commentary


Killa6 has waited long enough for a runback with nemesis Turkeasy. The time has come.... w/ commentary


Follow Circa eSports on twitter at -- Watch live at


Akuma - Slask Kick -> Down jab into SRK re-wallsplat

So close to an infinite combo

Hwoarang Combo Memo [YouTube]

More combos

Even more [YouTube]

Bryan combos [YouTube]

Bob - If you connect a Rage Drive, (fff+3+4) a crouching d/b+4 is guaranteed after if you skip the mix-up.

Leo - Press 1+2 after Rage Drive (ff+2 HOLD) to enter Ki Charge state. This allows b+3,1,2 for big dmg.

King - Connect a Rage Drive (d/b+1+2) in certain KNDs or wall slumps to guarantee a u+2 after for big dmg!

RAGE (Akuma) VS Nobi (Lars) [YouTube]

Japanese Tekken Gaming Talk Show Episode 2 (Japanese only) [YouTube]

TAG 2 Bryan




VG 247 Interview

Legends of Gaming Live

EGX (Spetember 22-25)

Tekken Tour




Japanese Tekken player Chikurin got sponsored

Tokyo Game Show

Kelot Cup 2 on 9/17. Participate to earn Kelot in-game customization items

Hair Clipping

Xiaoyu player thinks he's Umehara

Blast from the past






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