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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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09/05/2016 - Neadline Hews 

It's been a long week. Next event for any big Tekken announcements is Tokyo Game Show which is on September 15 - 18.

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07/24/2016 - Headline News

My bad, last few Headline news had DD/MM/YYYY dates. It's just going to be MM/DD/YYYY from now on. Carry on.

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ATP Live Episode 95 - ft @markman23 + Tekken 7 Twitch Stream Archive

ATP Live is now available for viewing on YouTube for those who missed it. You can usually catch ATP Live - live every Thursday night at 8pm PST by following the Avoiding The Puddle Twitch channel. As for the Tekken 7 Twitch stream, Markman has started streaming from the Tekken 7 build that he is bringing around to several events so this is a great resource to learn more about the game and it's characters since right now it's pretty rare to get a Tekken 7 stream with English speaking players. There's also giveaways on the stream too so you may find nab yourself some goodies by following and tuning in. You can catch Markman's Tekken 7 Twitch stream live by following the channel here:

MarkmanSDT ≫

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