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Soul Calibur 6 - Cervantes Battle Director Comment

Thanks goes to Famitsu for posting the Battle Director comment for Cervantes with his recent reveal. The Soul Calibur 6 Battle Director Oosaka (@oosaka_twt) gives a short introduction to the game plan of Cervantes in his developer comment. For people already familiar with playing Cervantes, you can find out what's new with the character as the details tease about his new 'The Baron' stance. The english version of the Battle director comment can be found below but you can also check out the comment at its source over on Famitsu.

Famitsu ≫

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Gallery - Soul Calibur 6 Cervantes Character Reveal Screenshots

The dreaded pirate captain is finally here, Cervantes, now officially joins Soul Calibur 6's main roster of included characters. Check out some new in-game screenshots showing off the new character in action. For the link to the previous batch of Soul Calibur 6 screenshots, click the following link train:

Thirteenth Batch (Azwel) ≫

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Soul Calibur 6 - Cervantes Character Reveal Trailer

Update: Official reveal trailer for Cervantes has now been added.

Goodness me, Cervantes got leaked for Soul Calibur 6 again. I believe the character reveal trailer got posted up on the SoulCalibur official twitter but then quickly taken down so here is a temporary re-upload for the time being. Cervantes returns to the stage of history wielding his longsword and dagger with a pistol attached named Acheron & Nirvana. Check out gameplay of the dreaded pirate in the leaked trailer down below.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe ≫

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First Gameplay Footage of Cervantes & Raphael in Soul Calibur 6

Update: Looks like the videos have now been taken down as the attendees have been told they were apparently given the wrong build. Party's over for the time being.

Our first gameplay footage from Soul Calibur 6 over at the Melbourne Esports Open event has now gone live! It seems like the final version (?) of Soul Calibur 6 was made available for people to play so this is a good chance to get some new footage of all the new and recently revealed characters. Thanks goes to SonofDadSC on YouTube for our first new gameplay footage.

Previous Raphael/Cervantes Report ≫

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Raphael & Cervantes Appear in Soul Calibur 6 Character Select Screen Leak

An image has surfaced online of what looks to be a further updated select screen image from Soul Calibur 6! We can see both returning characters Raphael and Cervantes in-game sporting their new looks along what appears to be adjustments to some slots on the roster to maybe accommodate for DLC? The image is said to have been taken from a build being used at the Melbourne Esports Open event which is taking place this weekend in Melbourne, Australia so maybe their official reveals may be just right around the corner. We'll keep you posted if we happen to see more including maybe a video.

8wayrun post ≫

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