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Pre-EVO Japan Tournament 'Sai' Streamed Live on May 20 - 21

Taking place this weekend is a lead-up tournament to EVO Japan and this tournament is featuring Tekken 7 Fated Retribution in the game lineup. Expect a lot of strong local Japanese competition as well as Korean international presence as they come together in Akihabara, Japan to throw down in EVO's standard double elimination format. The per-cursor event will be streamed live across the EVO Japan Twitch channels with commentary so tune in on May 20 and 21 to catch all the Tekken action live. For more details on the tournament, you can check out the EVO Japan website here:

EVO Japan ≫

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Evo Japan's Lead-Up Tournament Sai Player List - Echo Fox Saint in Attendance

EVO Japan's qualifier tournament 賽 [sài] is hosting an arcade Tekken 7 Fated Retribution event and MASTERCUP was able to individually confirm that team Echo Fox's enlisted Tekken player Saint will be there participating. The registration for the tournament recently closed off and the currently registered players were published on the official site and it includes big names in the Japanese Tekken community like AO, Tanukana, Chikurin, TAKE, Nobi, Yuu and a bunch more. There's even the oddball register like Tetsuo on the list. The Sai tournament is taking place in Tokyo, Japan in the Akihabara district on May 20 & 21 so be sure to not miss it when it goes down.


EVO Japan Sai Player List ≫

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