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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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Yuu & Nobi's New Twitch.TV Channel

TTT2_KvsJ_7on7_ (39 - 196).jpg

Good news for those who love to watch Tekken streams, famed Japanese players Yuu and Nobi have set up a new channel. Although I don't know if they'll be fully using it, on niconico they stream semiweekly Namco Sugamo 'Ranking Battles' on Wednesday and Saturday evenings in which the regulars at the arcade play in a small single elim tournament in various formats with commentary from Nobi and several other participants. They also stream console games and various special events from time to time so hopefully they do decide to move to Twitch. You can receive notifications on when the channel goes live by following the channel or by following Yuu's twitter.

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4th E-Sports JAPAN CUP TTT2 Tournament Results and Videos

During this weekend, Japan held the fourth series of the E-Sports JAPAN CUP tournament which included Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the roster. This tournament featured a male and female group of players to battle things out for quite the amount of prizes while also including a seperate JAPAN OPEN competition for several other notable Japanese players to compete in. I've managed to capture several of these matches onto my Youtube channel and have them embedded below along side the results of this event.

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TTT2: An Additional 3 Hours Of Furumizu VS Yuu Matches

Yep, another long set of matches between Furumizu and Yuu that spans over 3 hours have just been uploaded to the nico video site. Thanks goes to Yuu and Nobi for streaming and capturing the matches for those that missed out. You can check out all the action below.

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TTT2: Over 3 Hours of Ancient Water vs Yuu Matches

Two high level players from Japan recently streamed over 3 hours worth of matches over the Nico Video site. Ancient Water or more popularly known as Furumizu, goes up against Yuu in an extensive set of matches that spans several videos that are recommended viewing. You can find the matches embedded below.

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Ft10 Exhibition Matches From Namco Sugamo Feat. JDCR, Nobi & Yuu

Just before this year's SBO tournament, JDCR headed down to Namco's Sugamo arcade for some ft10 exhibition matches with two of the top Japanese players. You can find all the videos from the exhibition matches embedded below. Thanks goes to Bancho for sharing these with us.

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