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Kelot Cup 2 - 3on3 Japanese T7FR Tournament YouTube Archives

Kelot Cup 2 was a Japanese 3on3 Tekken 7 FR tournament organised by MASTERCUP and Game Newton that took place on September 17 at the Amusement Parlor Okayama arcade in Japan's west. The tournament was sponsored by Yamasa who creates the Tekken pachislot machines and they had their sponsored Tekken players Yuu & Nobi travel down and be the hosts for the event. Since this was relatively recent, the tournament was using the current up to date version of the game with Master Raven. Although the stream for the event has already been carried out, the YouTube archives for the tournament has now been uploaded to Yuu & Nobi's YouTube account for anyone that missed out on watching it. You can catch their archives over here:

Yuu & Nobi Channel ≫

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YUU NOBI CUP | MASTERCUP 5on5 Tekken 7 Tournament on May 4

Taking place tomorrow at the Namco Hakata Bus Terminal arcade is the YUU NOBI CUP 5on5 tournament. Named after famed Japanese top players Yuu and Nobi, this MASTERCUP tournament pits the best East Japan has to offer against the south in TEKKEN 7. The tournament is being streamed entirely on so you can watch all the TEKKEN 7 action live on the Game Newton channel. Additionally, later tonight in Japan (May 3) is the TEAM YUU VS TEAM NOBI 'Night before the tournament' event taking place at the same arcade in Fukuoka Japan. Everyone out there interested in watching fierce Tekken competition, this event is not one to miss.


Team YUU VS Team Nobi ≫

Tournament updates ≫

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Tekken 7 - Tier List from Top Japanese Player Yuu

Yuu (ユウ) of team No Respect from Japan is among the most well known Japanese Feng players and since the launch of Tekken 7 in arcades, he's been updating his own Tekken blog with a lot of gameplay related topics and discussions as well as answering gameplay related questions from players to help them learn the new game. The most recent update on his blog site is his current thoughts on a tier list for this game in the now available version of the game which has 27 characters (last time release character being Kazumi.) It's just the view of one high ranking Tekken player but Yuu himself stresses in the post that this isn't a completely 'correct' tier list for the game since that requires the thoughts of several other high level players and to sort their character evaluations among them into numerical figures for a big diagram to get a good average and placing for each characters. Yuu says he might plan something like that in the future but for now it's a hassle so here's just his current thoughts. You can read the tier list on his blog here or below for a translation:

Yuu T7 Tier List ≫

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E-Sports MAX TEKKEN Showdown Featuring Nobi, Yuu & Tekken Bancho

E-Sports MAX is a TV show currently airing in Japan through the Tokyo MX channel that covers e-sports in Japan. Over the past few months of broadcasting, there's been a few episodes which had included coverage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with Nobi, Yuu & Tekken Bancho participating in the show by playing matches as well as having Hameko in to do commentary. This all aired on Japanese TV before but for most of us who probably can't watch it, the Tokyo MX channel finally got to uploading the archives of these matches onto their YouTube channel. Tokyo MX's E-Sports MAX show can be caught on TV at Friday 6:30 PM.

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Yuuji Cup - Online Tekken Competition ft. Knee

The Yuuji Cup is a special online Tekken competition hosted by Yuu which gathers any players online to beat up top Japanese players (Yuu, Shou, Fujinao etc) for points that can be in turn used to receive prizes. It's still in early stages so there's only been one broadcast so far but the next upcoming broadcast has a very special guest: Knee from Korea. Knee will be joining Yuu in a player match lobby for a small Kumite that everyone is welcome to join. If you're looking for some good competition online tonight, why not try your luck and find the lobby that Yuu will be hosting with Knee in it? Details on the stream and more can be found below.

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