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Tekken-Net - New Set of Unique Customization Items Include Visual Effects

A new batch of unique character customizations hit Tekken-net today and like some of the previous custom items in the game already, these ones includes visual effects tied to the fight when you have them on. A small gallery of all the additions has been posted on Tekken Official and I have added the descriptions of them below. If you are playing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution in arcades, you can try and get these items yourself over on Tekken-net.

Tekken-net Feb 28 Customization Additions ≫

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Tekken-Net - 8/31 Taiko No Tatsujin X T7FR Collaboration Campaign

The previously revealed Tekken 7 Fated Retribution collaboration with Taiko No Tatsujin Red Ver. arcade rhythm game now has Tekken-net campaign detailed on the Tekken-Official website. It's a month long period starting from the end of August and running until the end of September that allows players to purchase and unlock new in-game items for T7FR such as player panels and icons, character and life bar customizations as well as some new hit sparks. If you happen to be in Japan playing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution and keen on dressing your characters in new gear, you can look forward to getting the new additions. Details on the campaign are translated below.

Taiko No Tatsujin X Tekken 7 FR ≫

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T7FR - New Swimwear Customizations Added to Tekken-net

Along with Bob and the balance changes, Tekken-net got updated with a new batch of customization items with a summer theme. All the girls of Tekken got tropical bikinis while all the guys got one piece swimwear or fundoshis (all of these can be color customized by the way.) Images are up online on Tekken-net but I have them all posted below if you don't have an account. You can look at the announcement notice on Tekken-official here:

Tekken-net New Customizations Added ≫

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T7FR New Character Bob out in Arcades on August 9! Master Raven in September

The official Japanese Tekken 7 Fated retribution stream just finished and we have news on the newly announced characters coming to the game. Bob will be added to the character roster via an update to arcades on August 9 which is the Tuesday next week. Master Raven will take slightly longer to come out with her addition set to arrive sometime in September. Alongside this news, demonstrations of these two characters in the training mode as well as balance changes coming to the game were shown off and video footage is up. The full change-log of all the balance updates is coming in the near future on the Tekken-Official website and I'll post it up when it's available.

T7FR niconico stream ≫

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Import Your TTT2 Tekken-Net Data to T7 to Receive a new Mokujin Lifebar

The official Tekken-Net website updated with a new post detailing the benefits of importing all your previous card data you have in TTT2 arcades into the new Tekken-Net for Tekken 7. Carrying out this operation allows some bonuses to be given to your Tekken 7 card data such as 100,000 in game gold, allowing your TTT2 rank to be displayed on your T7 profile, moving your in-game tournament titles and finally the new customization item introduced in Tekken 7 - a new pair of Mokujin based lifebars. Players in Japan currently have until the 17th of March to import their data if they want to receive all the new goodies on Tekken-net.

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TTT2 Tekken-Net ≫

T7 Tekken-net ≫