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Check Out 7 Hours of the Latest Tekken 7 Console Build from Copenhagen FGC

Now here's a better stream to check out the Tekken 7 PS4 build with. The Copenhagen FGC got their hands on the latest build which includes both Lee & Miguel and streamed 7 whole hours from it. I'm sure veteran Lee & Miguel players will be combing through this archive for any character changes coming into the game. It's also good to check up on how the current build is doing. You can check it out over on CopenhagenFGC.

CopenhagenFGC ≫

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Footage Of Updated PS4 Build of Tekken 7 with Lee & Miguel Emerges Online

How unexpected, an updated PS4 build of Tekken 7 has been brought out and exhibited at a South Korean gaming event called Thank You Festival. JDCR and Saint are there in person and news and info from the new build of console Tekken 7 has started to trickle in. Right now there's plenty of images floating around but there's videos of Lee & Miguel out in action. Saint streamed a portion of his playtime on the build over on his facebook but it's not public so I'll leave it linked here. Here's a match video of Lee vs Devil Jin as well as Lee's Rage Art in the meantime.

Saint FB Video ≫

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