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EVO 2015 | World's Largest Fighting Game Event Streamed Live from Las Vegas

UPDATE: TEKKEN 7 at EVO 2015 has concluded and the full Top 8 results has been added!

EVO 2015 is almost upon us everyone. If you cannot be there to participate in Las Vegas, hopefully you can join everyone else and tune into the Evo 2015 twitch live streams which will be carried out during the course of this weekend. TEKKEN 7, the latest installment of the Tekken series that is currently out in Asian arcades will be a main title featured in the official Evolution line-up with an additional $30,000 pot bonus thanks to Bandai Namco. There's also a side tournament for TTT2 at the BYOC area on Sunday so If you happen to be there, feel free to participate at around noon. And of course, don't forgot to pick up your free Lili / Eliza T-shirt designed by jbstyle at the event!

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MASTERCUP EVO 2015 Interview with Japan's ORZ Yuu & Nobi

Japan's most famous Tekken playing duo Yuu & Nobi recently got picked up by the Otaku React Zest group which is a company that is set out to spread the otaku 'Akiba culture' which may have a negative connotation depending on who you ask. Their recent efforts have them sponsoring top Tekken players to EVO which is what's making this a frightfully difficult tournament to come up top now with the increase in well regarded foreign players. MASTERCUP sat down with both Yuu & Nobi to ask what they feel and think traveling across the world and competing in such an event, as well as general past experiences and who they're watching out for. The complete Japanese interview is now published on the MASTERCUP website which you can see in the URL. I can't currently provide a full translation of the interview so feel free to use complete auto translate but I've done a little bit of the interview below.

MASTERCUP EVO 2015 Interview ≫

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EVO 2015 - Schedule and Tekken 7 Pools Now Available

The pool scheduling as well as player brackets for Evo 2015 which is happening on July 17 - 19 are now out for viewing. Tekken 7 pools will be played out on both Friday & Saturday which unforunately leaves out the previous plan which was to have Friday as a practice day. Nonetheless, pools start at 8:00 am local time so be sure to get there early to participate. Now that the Tekken 7 brackets are also out, you can see the vast number of international Japanese competitors in it to win the tournament so the competition will of course be really fierce at this year's Evo. Don't forget however that there's also the TTT2 side tournament being organised at the BYOC area at Evo so there's more Tekken to play beside the official Tekken 7 tournament. Have a great time everyone.

Evo 2015 Schedule ≫

Evo 2015 Brackets ≫

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Namco announce $30k Bonus Pot to Tekken 7 @ EVO2K15 + Lili/Eliza T-Shirt

Today, Namco announced $30,000 a bonus pot for Tekken 7 at EVO along with T-shirts with an artwork of Lili and Eliza by the same artist as the Devil Asuka design in last year's EVO shirt. It's nice of Namco to support T7, but it is blatantly unfair to give such a reward to a competition where 97% of the competitors don't have a chance against the Japanese who've had months of experience. 

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Yuu & Nobi Now Sponsored by ORZ and Will Be Going to Evo 2015

Nobi just recently notified his twitter that both himself and Yuu are now both being sponsored by the Otaku React Zest group in Japan. ORZ will be sending both Yuu & Nobi to EVO 2015 this year in Las Vegas to represent Japan in Tekken! They will no doubt be participating in the Tekken 7 tournament so they will be strong contenders for taking the event. These two players are among the top Tekken players in Japan so it'll be interesting to see how they perform at the event. And just so you know, these aren't the only international players coming over to play Tekken 7 at Evo that I hear of, but that's an announcement for another day. Expect fierce competition at Evo this year everyone!

Announcement tweet ≫

Evo 2015 trip tweet ≫