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Evo Japan's Lead-Up Tournament Sai Player List - Echo Fox Saint in Attendance

EVO Japan's qualifier tournament 賽 [sài] is hosting an arcade Tekken 7 Fated Retribution event and MASTERCUP was able to individually confirm that team Echo Fox's enlisted Tekken player Saint will be there participating. The registration for the tournament recently closed off and the currently registered players were published on the official site and it includes big names in the Japanese Tekken community like AO, Tanukana, Chikurin, TAKE, Nobi, Yuu and a bunch more. There's even the oddball register like Tetsuo on the list. The Sai tournament is taking place in Tokyo, Japan in the Akihabara district on May 20 & 21 so be sure to not miss it when it goes down.


EVO Japan Sai Player List ≫

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Tekken 7 Returns to Evolution This Year on the Main Stage

Tekken 7 is back and on the list of games in the Evo 2017 roster MrWizard announced during the Evo reveal stream. Tekken 7 made appearances during Evo during the last 2 years across both the vanilla and FR updated arcade version but this year will mark the 1st Evo where the console version will be out beforehand. They're also happy to announce that while Tekken 7 is back at EVO, it will for this year be featured on main stage and get a Sunday finals alongside Street Fighter V and both Super Smash Bros games. This will perhaps be the place to highlight the best of what Tekken 7 has to offer to the world on the big stage and you can expect the competition to be fierce for everyone participating. Evo 2017 will not be an event to miss out this year so start making your plans to attend. Evo 2017 is taking place in Las Vegas on July 14th to the 16th later this year. For more details on the event, you can consult

Shoryuken ≫


Tekken 7 Eliza DLC Character Reveal Trailer

Tekken 7's recently announced pre-order DLC character Eliza had her worldwide gameplay reveal during the EVO 2017 announcement stream on RedBull Esports. She plays how you would expect her from Tekken Revolution but this time looks to be expanded with a more versatile moveset. You can check out here gameplay trailer which is now up on YouTube over on Bandai Namco America's channel.

Bandai Namco Games ≫

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Harada & Murray Stream Q&A Session During Evo Day 1

EVO 2016 is well underway with Tekken 7 finals starting in a hour from now but during the Tekken stream for Day 1, Michael Murray and Katsuhiro Harada were both briefly on commentary and answering questions from the stream chat. It wasn't too long of a session though but there's multiple points of interest in regards to Tekken 7 that you may have missed if you didn't happen to catch it live. The session begins at around the 2 hour, 40 minute and 30 second mark of this Twitch archive but I have written most of the topics from the session down below if you want to just read it.

Twitch archive ≫

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14/7/2016 - Headline News

Just before Evo edition.

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