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TTT2 Side Tournament Being Organised at Evo 2015

While Tekken 7 is being featured as part of EVO 2015's main game line-up, there are still people playing TTT2 since it is still the latest Tekken game available to play for everybody. As such, TheGreatNeoX has announced that he'll be stepping forward to organise a side tournament for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the Friday of Evo weekend (17th of July). This tournament will feature a top 8 pay-out as well as small 'Missions' to complete during the tournament that may also reward you for your efforts. So if you happen to be at Evo this year, why not try your luck? I also hear that certain players from Asia coming over may also be interested in participating so it can pose a fierce challenge for home turf. For full details on the TTT2 side tournament, you can read the full stickied thread on KTA or a C&P of the announcement below if you don't have a Facebook account.

TTT2 EVO 2015 Side Tournament ≫

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TEKKEN 7 Arcade Tournament at EVO 2015 Announced

From the recent EVO announcement twitch stream, Markman joined onto the show to announce that Bandai Namco is working on getting TEKKEN 7 arcade cabinets at EVO 2015 and the cabs will feature pad ports so players can use their own choice of controller for the tournament. Full compatibility with every kind of device however is not guaranteed so be aware of that should you decide to bring an obscure kind of controller. Tekken 7 joins the lineup alongside Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd, Persona 4 Arena, Super Smash WiiU and Melee, Mortal Kombat X & Killer Instinct.

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Tekken Casino + USA vs Japan Round Robin EVO2014 Archive

Throughout Friday and Saturday nights NYCFab managed to stream a good majority of the Tekken Casino matches while Kurokuro was streaming from the VIP room captured always by Flying Wonkey. Also, Madcatz streamed the Team USA vs Team Japan 5v5 Round Robin. Catch everything in the playlists/videos below.

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AK Acquires New Sponsorship, Might Go to EVO Depending on SEA Major Performance

Alexandre “AK” Laverez - the so called 'child Tekken prodigy' that you may remember after getting 3rd in last year's Global Championships has recently gotten sponsored by the SMM Philippines Multimedia company. With this sponsorship, he's gotten a free, all-expenses-paid trip to SEA Major 2014 which is being held in Singapore on the 20th of June which is roughly a month away. Depending on how he performs in that tournament, the sponsorship announcement teases that AK may also earn himself a trip to EVO 2014 in Las Vegas potentially adding to the international competition that are said to be attending EVO such as AO (JP), Chikurin (JP) & BooK (TH). You can read the SMM Philippines sponsorship acquisition announcement over on the GamesInAsia website.

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EVO 2014 SCV and SC2 Side Tournaments

EVO 2014 is fast approaching and to make things more exciting, members of the Soul Calibur community have stepped up to help run side tournaments for both Soul Calibur 5 and Soul Calibur 2 HD Online! The events will be run by the folks at Twin Galaxies and to add further incentive for attendees, several members of the Soul Calibur community have graciously offered contributions to the Pot for both tournaments. With the contributions by Revin122, Jer, TalimJP, Malice & Zane, I believe the Pot Bonus figures for both tournaments are currently at $1000 for SCV and $700 for SC2HDO. This is a great showing from the Soul Calibur community so it would be waste to let them down by not attending, so get to EVO If you can because the event will certainly not be one to miss.

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