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First Concept Art of Tekken 7 Arabian Character 

The Tekken Facebook page was updated today with the first concept art for the new character yet to be revealed/named in Tekken 7. Harada is still open to feedback for the character so be sure to let him know on his Twitter. Full image below.

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Harada Reaching Out to Local Communities for a Potential Arab Character

Harada recently posted a tweet acknowledging the Tekken Arab communities and asking them for their input on a potential new character for Tekken 7. This might be the first hint at one of the brand new characters entering the series. However, this might also show how the developers are still conceptualizing a large part of the game hence it might be a long while before we get legitamite gameplay footage. Twitter links below.

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Harada: "Taking some effort to review the wake-up system quite extensively"

Famitsu managed to interview Harada after the San Diego Comic Con panel yesterday and managed to get some interesting tidbits about the direction Tekken 7 is going in. In summary the direction Tekken 7 seems to be going in a return to roots and focusing a lot on accessibilty to both newer and core players of the series. The full translation of the interview is below provided by Eventhubs.

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San Diego Comic Con Tekken 7 Panel Archive + Summary

Along with the Tekken 7 extended trailer reveal, Namco also showcased concept art for Kazumi and Lars along with othe tidbits of information about the incomming title. Thank you to TeamSp00ky for streaming the rebroadcast. The archive is embedded below.

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Backdash Cancelling to be made easier in future Tekken Games

Probably the most blunt answer that you can get out of this topic. No specifics on how this will be achieved but it's something to look forward to in future Tekken games.