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A 'Pre-Launch' Arcade Version of Tekken 7 will Launch in Feb 2015

Korean gaming site Cyfren recently published an interview that they scored with Harada and there's some interesting bit of news regarding Tekken 7 in it. I can't completely reproduce the interview here so I'll just quickly paraphrase everything that was mentioned in here. You can read the full interview over on the Cyfren website.

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Summary of Harada's Chat Session at The Location Test

UPDATE: I've edited the line regarding the Tekken 7 budget in light of it actually being incorrect. My apologies everyone, if anyone else spots any other incorrect translation please feel free to post them and I will quickly update it.

If you were waching the Namco Sugamo stream, you may remember seeing Katsuhiro Harada discussing with the stream a lot of details on Tekken 7 and it's developments. There's a lot of interesting bits of information mentioned within his short chat session that I feel is worth knowing about so I had it translated below. The summary comes from Kirito on Zexi but it has been spread to 2ch and the fighting game blog Chigesoku which I am sourcing for the summary.

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TTT2 - Namco Sugamo Cup YouTube Archives

The Namco Sugamo Cup event from this past weekend is over and I finally put up the archives from the niconico streams up on my YouTube channel. There's a lot of Japanese Tekken footage here which includes players like Nobi, Zeugaru, Take, Fukushi, Yuu and a whole lot more. If you missed watching the event live on niconico, you can catch up with these embeds. If you want to see the results for the exhibition matches or the big 3on3 tournament, be sure to check out the coverage thread on TZ made by Lizanias.

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POKKEN TOURNAMENT Announced, Being worked on by Bandai Namco

Just recently announced over a special 'Shocking Pokemon Announcement' livestream on niconico, Bandai Namco and the Pokémon Company is collaborating to create a new game titled 'POKKEN TOURNAMENT' which brings the world of Pokemon to the 3D fighting game genre. Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada and Soul Calibur series main programmer Masaaki Hoshino are both attached and working on the project. The game is currently announced as an arcade game releasing in 2015.

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Akitaka Tohyama returns as Music Composer for Tekken 7

Harada just tweeted that he recently heard Akitaka Tohyama's sample music to be used for Tekken 7 confirming that he'll be returning for the composing the musical arrangements of Tekken 7. If you enjoyed Tekken Tag Tournament 2's music as much as I did this is some great news. Full tweet below.

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