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Bandai Namco Fighting Game Panel at Comic Con July 10

The official Comic Con website has updated its page to mention that Harada and a special guest will be present to talk about the artwork in Tekken 7. MarkMan will also be a part of the panel that will be an hour long. Rise of Incarnates will also be covered at this panel. With this event being a week exactly before EVO don't expect any new info about the game until the week after for the tournament.

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Tekken 7 Tournament Being Held at Japan Expo in Paris

Harada mentioned awhile back on Twitter that he will be attending France's Japan Expo event in July and we now have confirmation from the official Tekken Facebook page that he will be bringing Tekken 7 with him for attendees at the event to play. They're hosting an actual tournament for the game too over there so this makes for a good opportunity to get a good handle of the game while there. The date and time of the event is listed in the image above but If you're interested in further info on the Japan Expo event in July, you can look at their website here:

Japan Expo ≫


Next Tekken 7 Announcement will be made at Capcom's Chokaigi niconico Stream

The niconico Chokaigi event is an online stage show event run every year around this time and for this year, Capcom has a big presence with playable demonstrations for Street Fighter V, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and a few other games while also having niconico streams of the event live with special guests. Harada recently mentioned on twitter that he is one of the special guests on the niconico show and that he will be bringing some Tekken 7 related news/announcement with him onto the show, including a 'currently unreleased video.' The niconico Chokaigi event is scheduled for April 25-26 with the Harada appearance being on the 2nd day of the event so be sure to catch the Capcom TV Chokaigi niconico stream over on their nico page next weekend.

CAPCOM TV Chokaigi Stream ≫

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Special Tekken 7 niconico Broadcast on March 29 Featuring Harada

On March 29 which is this Sunday, Bandai Namco will be holding an online Tekken 7 event which will be streamed on niconico. This broadcast will feature special guests: Katsuhiro harada, cosplayers Hinako Sano, Yuriko Tiger, Gen - The Japanese Bob/Leo player who got 2nd at EVO2014 and other secret guests not yet revealed. The online Tekken 7 event will give players the chance to earn a 'rare' Mokujin styled 'Player Plate' to use in-game on the loading screen should those players win in the event. This is also the broadcast/event that Harada mentioned on the previous ATP Live episode as having special announcements such as the next batch of time release characters coming to Tekken 7 so you wouldn't want to miss out on this. The niconico broadcast will be live on March 29 (Sunday) 2:30 PM Japan time. You can watch the broadcast with the link below.

niconico broadcast URL ≫

Image: Mokujin styled Player plate.


ATP Live Episode 85 ft @Harada_TEKKEN, @mykeryu, @reepal, and @MarkMan23 

This episode of ATP Live is more special this time around since it was live at Final Round 18 and features Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from Namco as guests. You can usually catch ATP Live every Thursday night at 8pm PST by following the link below.

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