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7/11/2016 - Headline News

From: Shoebill

"Borrowing" the headline news format from inatekken. These will be just a round-up of all the news making the rounds this past week. Might be weekly thing from here on out but no guarantees.

Hope everyone is enjoying Tekken 7 Fated Retribution.

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Harada Teases 'Great Idea' for Corpse Kicking in T7 FR

Update: Correction added. When I initially wrote this up, I presumed that since Harada brought up both sides for corpse kicking that he meant the new method would be one that one please both sides. This was not the case. He just stated that there's a new ('画期的' was used to describe it.) structure in place put into T7 FR for corpse kicking after hearing both the majority and minority side's opinion on the matter. You'll still have to wait for T7 FR to see what it is. Apologies for the misreport.


'死体蹴り' for those who don't know is the act of continually beating or attacking an opponent even after you've won. It's translated literally as 'Corpse Kicking' so the concept is pretty much beating a dead player. In Japanese gaming culture, there are people that identify this behavior as a form of bad manners and will take offense towards this. This does take serious form in fighting games over there since people do get heavily invested in matches. The Tekken games has been having this issue too for a while now since after the opponent was defeated, there was time to sneak in extra attacks before the start of the next round. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 completely avoided this issue by no longer allowing any kind of attack after the match was over (unless they were wearing certain custom items.) This in return, has displeased those that missed the chance to do anything like a taunt or whatever after a win. After dumping his thoughts and weighing the pros & cons for corpse kicking, he briefly teased that a new structure is put in T7 FR for corpse kicking. The original tweet in Japanese can be seen here:

Harada tweet ≫

Thanks Kakuge-Checker.


Tekken 7 (officially) Announced for Consoles. PS4 vers. to have VR Functionality

After weeks of hinting from MarkMan, Namco officially announces Tekken 7 at the Paris Games Weekly expo that's currently taking place in France right now. While this really isn't news to anyone following Harada's interviews throughout the US tournament scene, what is new is the inclusion of VR functionality. Let's hope it's more than a gimmick like the TTT2-Prologue 3D functionality. The official Press Statement and full trailer of the announcements are below.

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EVO 2015 - Bandai Namco Panel ft. Harada & Murray

Thanks goes to the official EVO Youtube channel for the speedy upload, the video for the Bandai Namco Panel at EVO 2015 is now available for viewing. In it, Aris is joined by Harada, Murray and Markman as they delve deep into several topics about Tekken 7 and answer questions about the title and the scene surrounding it. The video spans about an hour so it's almost about the length of an average ATP Live episode. There's plenty of good information to take from this so it's well worth watching in it's entirety. You can catch it all below:

EVO YouTube channel ≫

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Tekken 7 - Bandai Namco Entertainment Fighting Game Panel 2015

UPDATE: Added further panel images from Famitsu! Includes more character artwork from Tekken 7 including a live art demonstration by Jbstyle.

Just to get this out of the way - there wasn't much substantial news in terms of Tekken 7 revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. What was shown however is something you might appreciate should you be a fan of the artwork that comes from special guest artist collaborations with the Tekken series. The Bandai Namco Fighting game panel at San Diego Comic-Con has Tekken Project team figures like Harada and Michael Murray on it but this time there's also guest artist jbstyle participating who you may know as the artist who designed the Devil Asuka and Lili / Eliza T-shirts given out to players at EVO 2014 & 2015. Artwork of the Tekken 7 characters done by Jbstyle, Shunya Yamashita, Tomio Fujisawa and Junny were shown off so I'm assuming this is hinting at the return of the character artwork switching in Tekken 7 that was available in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. All the images from this year's panel are courtesy of @cool_trainer.

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