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Tekken 7 'Just Before Launch' Special YouTube Broadcast

Update: Show is complete and uploaded onto YouTube. The announcement was that Bandai Namco is organizing a online Tekken 7 event on March 29. This event will allow everyone in the country to play everyone else throughout the country. There's going to be a niconico broadcast on the event which will feature new information on Tekken 7 inside it. More details on it will come out in the future.

Tekken 7 is less then a week away from being completely launched out in arcades and Namco is organising a special 'Just before' web broadcast for the occasion. On the show, Tekken's head producer Katushiro Harada and special cosplayer guests Kinako Sano & Yuriko Tiger will be present to play some matches and discuss the new character design of Lucky Chloe. Additionally there's also going to be new 'Tekken Event' related news announced on the show and who knows what else. The show will go live on the official Tekken YouTube channel at 2:00 PM Japan time today which is less then 30 minutes away from now. You can watch the web broadcast with the URL below:

TEKKEN 7 'Before Launch' Special Broadcast ≫

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Tekken 7 will probably not have 2P outfits

Harada recently tweeted a reply to someone asking about 2P outfits in Tekken 7. Everything is in Japanese but google translate says that a 2P outfit doesn't make much sense when there are customization options available. He doesn't outright say Tekken 7 will not have 2P outfits, but I think it's a fair assumption to have looking forward. And as for some new art, Harada already made a tweet regarding that. 

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Lionz Den 2 Tournament Trailer ft. OzzyTheLiono and Harada

A premier tournament in London is having it's newest installment announced - LIONZ DEN 2 featuring tournament sponsorship by Bandai Namco games. The trailer was recently put out with details of the event such as venue location, entry, tournament and a new surprise at the event 'wink wink nudge nudge.' If you're in the area this is definitely a tournament you should look out for and we'll have more details on it in the future. Trailer taken from Armshouse.TV YouTube channel.

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Harada "Currently Around 40 People Working on Tekken x Street Fighter"

Polygon recently posted a massive 18 page article interviewing various Japanese developers including Harada. Within the article he talks about all the multiple projects he's supervising and gives a small tidbit about the fate of the long delayed Tekken X Street Fighter assuring everyone it's still in production. However, it will still be a while until anything from that game is shown. Some quotes below but be sure to see the complete article for all the information.

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Harada Interview on Korean Site Inven

Inven is a Korean gaming site that also managed to score an interview with Harada while he was taking the time to visit Korea recently. The interview goes over quite a number of topics that includes Harada's current projects at Namco like Tekken 7, Tekken X Street Fighter and Pokken. I went and translated/compiled all the interesting bits of information from the interview here excluding the Summer Lesson bits which I don't think there's much people interested in. You can look up the source of the interview on the Inven website.

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