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Tekken 3 Sold 8.3 Million Worldwide

Just a random, little bit of sales info on Tekken 3 that the series director: Katsuhiro Harada dropped on Twitter that I thought that some might be interested in. In the tweet, Harada mentions that the home ports (PS1 versions) of Tekken 3 sold 8,360,000 worldwide and that 1,400,000 of which is from Japan alone. I think this puts Tekken 3 as the second most best selling fighting game title of all time which is just underneath Super Smash Bros. Brawl. (iirc SSBB > Tekken 3 > SSBM > SF2:WW > Tekken 2)

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Harada on Revealing Frame Data in Tekken Games

On twitter, Kurokuro asked Harada about displaying official frame data into the Tekken games since it would make his job of creating some match videos with frame data much more easier (Knee Kumite). Harada responds with a lengthy tweet that goes into the decision of not displaying the frame data and the implications of him revealing it. It's quite an interesting read but it's all in Japanese so I took the liberty of translating the whole tweet for us English readers.

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Scrapped Character "Ganmi" Might be Considered for TR Based on Twitter Popularity

Thanks to @BLbeel for posting on the ATP show yesterday, Harada will consider a previously scrapped character back into Tekken Revolution if the following Tweet gets retweeted 1000 times:

So retweet that out if you'd like :)


Tekken Revolution San Diego Comic Con Panel Highlights

Harada and Micheal Murray recently did a panel at SDCC to talk about Tekken Revolution.  It was overall things everyone already knows, but there are some interesting things he said. Here a list of some of things he discussed below.

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Katsuhiro Harada to Present New Fighting Game at E3

E3 is upon us and we can definitely expect a vast number of announcements in the gaming realm. Namco has just revealed that Harada will be premiering their new fighting game at E3 among other titles. This might be the title everyone expects, might not be.

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