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Tekken 7 Eliza DLC Character Reveal Trailer

Tekken 7's recently announced pre-order DLC character Eliza had her worldwide gameplay reveal during the EVO 2017 announcement stream on RedBull Esports. She plays how you would expect her from Tekken Revolution but this time looks to be expanded with a more versatile moveset. You can check out here gameplay trailer which is now up on YouTube over on Bandai Namco America's channel.

Bandai Namco Games ≫

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TEKKEN 7 - Kuma / Panda Character Reveal Trailer

[Update] New hi-res image renders and in-game screenshots have been added!

Just revealed on the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Grand Finals stream. The beloved comic relief animal characters from the Tekken series, Kuma and Panda will be in Tekken 7. According to what was shared on the stream, Panda and Kuma are not palette swaps and have their own distinct visual appearance as well as their own Rage Art animations. Check out the reveal trailer that is available now on Bandai Namco Europe's YouTube channel:

Bandai Namco ≫

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Crowd Reaction & Aris' Analysis On Miguel's Tekken 7 Trailer

You all saw the new trailer but what did you think about it? Aris has up on the Avoiding the Puddle Youtube channel a video going over his thoughts after watching Miguel's reveal in Tekken 7. Alongside that, there's also a video taken from the crowd over there at Barcelona Game World as it was happening live showing the excitement for Miguel. Both videos can be seen at these youtube channels:

Avoiding The Puddle ≫

MegaBlack_94 ≫

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TEKKEN 7 - Miguel Character Reveal Trailer

Update #2: Hi-res images of Miguel in-game has been added to this piece.

Update: Now added the YouTube version of the trailer from the Bandai Namco Europe account!

Just revealed on stage at Barcelona Games World this weekend, Miguel is joining the roster of Tekken 7. Miguel Caballero Rojo was a new character that was introduced in Tekken 6 but has made it back later in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and now Tekken 7. Seeing as he is a character from Spain, it's only fitting that he gets announced at a Spanish event. The character reveal trailer is now up and can be seen on the TEKKEN twitter account.


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Tekken 7 Fated Retribution at EVO 2016 - Nina Williams Revealed

Update: Nina Render and Screenshots added onto this post!

Just announced on the RedBull E-Sports Twitch channel, EVO 2016 will include Tekken 7 Fated Retribution in the main game line-up. Additionally, Nina Williams was confirmed for the game with a exclusive trailer for her revealed during the stream. The trailer for Nina Williams' reveal is now up on the Evo YouTube channel!

Evo2kvids Youtube channel ≫

RedBull Esports Twitch ≫

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