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Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Ver. H Tier List From Knee

World class top player Knee (pictured far right) from Korea is over in Japan for his trip to the grand finals for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 and while there, Kuro Kuro has been streaming his matches from the Akihabara Leisure Land arcade. Given this opportunity, Kuro Kuro once again was able to pick up Knee thoughts on a Tekken 7 FR tier list as well as who he personally thinks on are strong characters in the game. The tier list been posted up on Kuro Kuro's Twitter and you can check it out below but I've added some minor notes that were also included with the tier list below.

Kuro Kuro Tweet ≫

Kuro Kuro Image ≫

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Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Tier Lists From Japanese Players

Translated here are 3 tier lists from some Japanese players (AO, RAGE & Tsubumi) that got to tweeting their thoughts out recently. Tekken 7 Fated Retribution has now been out in arcades for some months and it seems weird ranking things because there are balance changes and new tools that were given to certain characters to be better but then there are characters that pretty much stayed in their usual 7.0 form. Rage Drives are a big factor in these evaluations because they vary from character to character in utility and usefulness with some characters getting a really good RD that augments their gameplay and then there are other characters that got mere combo extenders. An interesting bit to consider is the placement of Akuma in these lists. Coming from really good Tekken players that have used Akuma, they seem to agree on where he sits in the roster. With all that said, the tweet sources for the tier lists are as follows:

AO's Twitter ≫

RAGE's Twitter ≫

Tsubumi's Twitter ≫

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Tekken 7 - Nobi & Shou's Tier Lists + Karei VS Kagemaru Match Videos

Just to blaze through introductions real quick - Nobi is Japan's proclaimed #01 Tekken player currently (generally considered) while Shou is a reputable Devil Jin player who had his major hey day back in Tekken 5 when he won SBO 2006. Karei while not as well known, he was a Tekken Emperor ranked Lars / Jinpachi player in TTT2 and was on AO's team that lost to Pekosu at Mastercup.5. He's also currently the highest ranked Kazumi player in Japan. Next up, Kagemaru is another high ranking player in TTT2 with his Bruce / Jack-6 team and got to rep Japan alongside Nobi in Global Championships 2013. This was his crowning moment in his Tekken career. Think that covers the gist of it all so here are the Tier lists and match videos. The Karei vs Kagemaru also ends up extending to Karei's sessions playing Tekken 7 online matches with Kazumi so there's that too. Footage is courtesy of the Enjoy Paradise arcade in Osaka Japan.

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Tekken 7 - Tier List from Top Japanese Player Yuu

Yuu (ユウ) of team No Respect from Japan is among the most well known Japanese Feng players and since the launch of Tekken 7 in arcades, he's been updating his own Tekken blog with a lot of gameplay related topics and discussions as well as answering gameplay related questions from players to help them learn the new game. The most recent update on his blog site is his current thoughts on a tier list for this game in the now available version of the game which has 27 characters (last time release character being Kazumi.) It's just the view of one high ranking Tekken player but Yuu himself stresses in the post that this isn't a completely 'correct' tier list for the game since that requires the thoughts of several other high level players and to sort their character evaluations among them into numerical figures for a big diagram to get a good average and placing for each characters. Yuu says he might plan something like that in the future but for now it's a hassle so here's just his current thoughts. You can read the tier list on his blog here or below for a translation:

Yuu T7 Tier List ≫

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JDCR goes over his Tier List

JDCR has uploaded a portion of his stream where he gave his tier list and discussed it with the stream viewers. One thing JDCR stressed is that he felt even though if someone was at the bottom of the tier list they're still strong because the game is extremely balanced. He also opted not to rank the console exclusive character.

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