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Arcadia Fighting Game REMIX 4/18 Issue Tier List

Arcadia's lastest edition of it's dedicated fighting game Magazine (or Mook I should rather say) is mainly focused on the recent release of Ultra Street Fighter IV but it does have some interesting discussion on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in there. It features written reports of both MASTERCUP.6 and Matador Cup 5 tournaments as well as a TTT2 tier list made by Japan's Fukushi and Furumizu and a small author introductory piece by Zeugaru on using Ogre's 'concealing moves.' Since only the tier list got posted online onto 2ch for the Japanese to read, I've gone ahead and translated it into English for everyone else to read. You can check it out below!

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Japanese SoulCalibur II HD Online Tier List (1/31)

This is a tier list that was posted onto the internet by Michang who is a Japanese Soul Calibur player that I translated. Although Japan hasn't received the game in Japanese yet, (maybe some differences from say SC2 JP to PAL?) this might spark some interesting discussion and I hope to see more of this game from Japan when more of the players get access to it. Take a look at the tier list yourself below.

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