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Tekken 7 - LowHigh VS Japan Match Videos

Budding new Korean Tekken top player; LowHigh recently took the opportunity to go to Tokyo and play amongst Japan's best in arcade Tekken 7 last week. There's a number of deathmatch videos already surfacing online on YouTube with LowHigh going up against the likes of Nobi, Furumizu, Karei, Jakoko and more with some of his high ranked characters. As of now, LowHigh is still in Japan so even more Tekken 7  deathmatch footage may come out. I'll be pooling all the videos together from the following YouTube channels:

Namco Sugamo (Shudy) ≫

Nishi Nippori Game Spot Versus ≫

TekkenCube ≫

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Tekken 7 - MakoRyu Deathmatch Video from MASTERCUP

This video is perfect in showing how fucking obnoxious Jack-7 has gotten in this game. I'm not even sure if you're the kind of person that enjoys hour long deathmatch videos but this is one to watch just for the starting deathmatch between MakoRyu (a strong Mishima player from Osaka) & Taisei (Tekken God Japanese Bruce/Jack-6 player). It's not even 10 minutes long, I'll tell you that much! And before anyone asks, yes the whole full crouch f+1,2,1 into Debugger is NC and guaranteed. Yeah. Then onwards, the video proceeds with MakoRyu deathmatching other people so there's more to the video if you want more. Of course, big thanks goes to the Official MASTERCUP YouTube channel for uploading the video, you can check out the rest of the channel here:


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TTT2: Saint VS Knee True Tekken God Match

Don't want to spoil anything but.... That ending is really one to watch! As aways big thanks goes to taktak1893 for providing the YouTube archive of this deathmatch from Green Arcade's Daum stream. You can watch the over 2 hours of deathmatching between Saint and Knee with both players using their mains on taktak1893's YouTube channel or below via embed.

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TTT2 - Nobi VS JDCR & Knee Tekken God Matches

Back on the first of November, you may remember that the Koreans (Saint, JDCR, Nin, Knee & Chanel) were over inside Japan's Namco Sugamo store for some deathmatching prior to MASTERCUP.6. The result of this was of course a long series of exciting matches that were all off stream that culminated in Japan finally getting it's first player that owns the 'True Tekken God' rank. Nobi recently decided to broadcast these matches onto his niconico site and I have it all archived below for everyone to see.

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Nobi is Japan's First True Tekken God!

Congratulations to Nobi for finally being the first True Tekken God from Japan! The players from Korea arrived earlier today and are currently deathmatching the regulars in the Namco Sugamo arcade. Knee and Nobi got the chance to deathmatch each other earlier tonight and Nobi pulled through up against Knee's Bob/Paul team. It's been over 3 years since the release of the TTT2 in the arcades so it certainly took awhile for Japan to reach the last rank the game had to offer. Unfortunately, the matches between Knee and Nobi were not streamed however Yuu mentioned that the matches between the two are being recorded. When these matches get put up for everyone to see, we'll keep everyone posted.

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