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T7FR - Taisei (Shaheen/Law) VS Penguin (Paul) Deathmatches

The Game Spot Versus arcade located in the Nishi-Nippori area of Tokyo, Japan has recently been streaming high level deathmatches over on its Twitch and YouTube channels. Recent uploads over on there see Taisei; who you may remember seeing in the Top 8 of Tekken at Evo this year playing against the high ranked Japanese Paul player Penguin. As of looking at the Japanese Tekken-Net rankings right now, Taisei is 2nd with Shaheen and Penguin is 8th with Paul. If you happen to be picking up or playing these characters, consider watching these matches to get an idea on how to play them.

Nishi-Nippori Game Spot Versus ≫

Game Spot Versus Twitch ≫

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T7 Online Ranked Matches - Japan's Highest Ranked Lee Player VS Knee & Ji3MoonAce

If you have ever been following the Japanese Tekken scene for the past few games, the name Hari (はりー) might be familiar. He's a notable Lee player who is at this point in time, currently Japan's highest ranked Lee player in arcades. He was also a really high ranker back in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2 arcades so he knows his way around using Lee. Recently, Hari has been recording his matches online in Tekken 7 and uploaded footage of him deathmatching Korean players; Knee and Ji3MoonAce. These matches make for a good watch despite the online Japan to Korea connection so take note if you're interested in playing Lee. His matches with Knee & Ji3MoonAce can be found below but, you can find even more of his online adventures over on this Youtube channel:

幅浩太郎 ≫

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T7FR - Malgu (Law) VS Knee (Bryan) Deathmatches

Streamed over on Afreeca on Nov 21st and 23rd was deathmatches between two high level Korean players. Malgu with his Law up against Knee's Bryan for the high blue ranks in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. Since Afreeca is a major hassle for viewers outside of Korea, the deathmatch VODs can now be watched on Soyongdori's YouTube channel. You can check out the matches and more over here:

Soyongdori YouTube channel ≫

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T7FR - Bob Gameplay Videos From Arcade Update

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution added the new character Bob to the roster through an online update pushed to arcades on August 9 and since then, both Japanese and Korean arcades have been streaming footage of his gameplay on Twitch. While there's now an abundance of videos to sift through, I went and cherry picked some of the more interesting videos here for those looking to see what's he like in the new game. Videos here are rounded up from the following channels:

Shudy (Namco Sugamo) ≫

taktak1893 ≫

NetArena (Karena) ≫

Tatsushi ≫

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T7FR - Over An Hour of Only Practice Deathmatches with Nina

Only Practice is back on Tekken 7 with Nina! I don't think it gets any better then this if you wanted to see what Nina is capable of in T7FR. In this deathmatch, Only Practice goes up against Super100's Bryan and it ends up being over an hour long back and forth between them. Thanks goes out to the Green Tekken YouTube channel for the video upload, you can check out the rest of his channel here. Nina's d/b+2 now being -5 on block in T7FR is cheap.

Green Tekken ≫

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