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TTT2 - 7/20 Japan VS Korea DeathMatches at Namco Sugamo

Oh man this was way too gruesome to watch. Since JDCR, Saint and Knee are in Japan for the 5on5 JP vs KR exhibition matches on the 21st, they decided to go head to head with two of the best players Japan has to offer; Nobi and Ryou (aka Deku) tonight. The deathmatching spanned several hours and was all streamed on niconico so I managed to record it all and have it uploaded to my YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

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TTT2 - 7/5 Japan VS Korea Matches In Green Arcade

In preparation for the upcoming Japan VS Korea Dual Tournament hosted by CafeId, two players from Japan were flown over to South Korea to participate. Lathin, the Leo/Lars player most noted for winning SBO 2012 and Take, the Majin ranked Bryan/Bob player both took the time to visit the Green Arcade to battle some well known Korean players. The matches were all streamed on the Green Arcade's twitch channel so there's archives for these big matches which you can find below.

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TTT2 - Jin Off, Tekken Lord Deathmatch, Pekken & Orange House Videos

Here's the latest batch of recorded streams that I have up on my Youtube channel. It features footage of the recent "Jin Off" competition in Namco Sugamo arcade which has several notable players like Amigo, AO, Zeugaru and more playing as Jin to see who has the best Jin around. Next is the Tekken Lord deathmatch between Nobi and SBO 2012 champ Lathin a day later in Namco Sugamo. "Pekken" is the new title of Pekosu's weekly online streams on Thursdays, If you want a frame of reference to get the idea when he streams, it usually starts right near the very end of WNFs then onwards. Lastly are the videos straight out of Osaka's Orange House with Matador as host. All of these can be seen below.

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TTT2: Next Video Batch + General News from Japan

Another huge batch of Tekken videos recorded from several Nico streams have been uploaded onto my YouTube channel. This batch features some Tekken players you may be familiar with such as Taizo, Tissuemon, Kyamome, Matador, Burimaru and more. I've also added some general news into this piece that I feel might be of interest and keep people up to date on what's recently going on over in Japan. Check it all out below.

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