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Tekken 7 Screenshots of New Arena & G Corp. Helipad Stages

Arrived alongside the Eddy Gordo reveal! Arena is pretty similar to the older Arena styled stages in Tekken with it's octagonal shape and this time has been adorned with The King of Iron Fist details. The G Corp Helipad is a new stage that features a weather transition in between the round as well as expands to a bigger shape when the walls are broken on the far sides. Check out the images below!

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Tekken-Net - New Set of Unique Customization Items Include Visual Effects

A new batch of unique character customizations hit Tekken-net today and like some of the previous custom items in the game already, these ones includes visual effects tied to the fight when you have them on. A small gallery of all the additions has been posted on Tekken Official and I have added the descriptions of them below. If you are playing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution in arcades, you can try and get these items yourself over on Tekken-net.

Tekken-net Feb 28 Customization Additions ≫

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Tekken-net Item Kiwami Campaign - New Customizations for T7FR Added

The next set of character item customizations have been revealed by Tekken-Official. A new Tekken-net campaign titled the 'Item Kiwami Campain' (it just means 'Ultimate') will include a new batch of customizations to most of the roster in the arcade version of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution but what's also included this time is a new set of default costume arrangements. You can equip a new style of default costumes to your character to use in-game. The item campaign will run from today (14th of Dec) all the way through to January 18 so this is your chance to get new threads for your characters. You can see a gallery of all the added items on the Tekken-Official site:

Tekken-net Item Kiwami Campaign ≫

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Gallery - SoulCalibur Concept Art by Passion Republic

Passion Republic is described as a young and unique studio from Malaysia that has contributed works to game developers with CG cinematics and next gen game characters and assets. Most notably, they have done work on several big name games such as Dark Souls 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Gears of War and more. They've recently uploaded new concept art onto their website and while they're not named, they look to be artwork for the Soul Calibur series. We don't want to lead anyone into thinking these are for a new Soul Calibur but who knows. Cool artwork regardless. You can check them out on the Passion Republic website:

Passion Republic

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Gallery - Tekken 7 Character Panel Art by jbstyle

This is a gallery of all the Tekken 7 character panel art created by jbstyle. Jbstyle was brought on the Tekken project team to commission artwork for all the characters to use in their in-game character art panel as well as design the art on the EVO 2014 & 2015 T-shirt bonus. You can check out Jbstyle's official website here and follow him on twitter here:

jbstyle. ≫

Twitter ≫

Further reading: SD-CC 2015 report & T7 character art panel announcement. Smaller images in this gallery will be replaced once I find larger / original images.

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