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Tekken 7: MarkMan, "Some things unannounced that will surprise the fans"

The lord and savior of everything Tekken in the west MarkMan recently sat to do an interview with Jemmilion during the Winter Brawl 9 tournament held this weekend. They discuss various things mostly about MarkMan's extremely eventful career in providing for the gaming industry. But they close with MarkMan asked about Tekken 7. At around the 12 minute mark he divulges that there is still some mystery to be seen about the game which have been unannounced by the Tekken Project team. So this could be a sign at some glaring changes between now and the March full release.

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Harada "Currently Around 40 People Working on Tekken x Street Fighter"

Polygon recently posted a massive 18 page article interviewing various Japanese developers including Harada. Within the article he talks about all the multiple projects he's supervising and gives a small tidbit about the fate of the long delayed Tekken X Street Fighter assuring everyone it's still in production. However, it will still be a while until anything from that game is shown. Some quotes below but be sure to see the complete article for all the information.

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Harada Interview on Korean Site Inven

Inven is a Korean gaming site that also managed to score an interview with Harada while he was taking the time to visit Korea recently. The interview goes over quite a number of topics that includes Harada's current projects at Namco like Tekken 7, Tekken X Street Fighter and Pokken. I went and translated/compiled all the interesting bits of information from the interview here excluding the Summer Lesson bits which I don't think there's much people interested in. You can look up the source of the interview on the Inven website.

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A 'Pre-Launch' Arcade Version of Tekken 7 will Launch in Feb 2015

Korean gaming site Cyfren recently published an interview that they scored with Harada and there's some interesting bit of news regarding Tekken 7 in it. I can't completely reproduce the interview here so I'll just quickly paraphrase everything that was mentioned in here. You can read the full interview over on the Cyfren website.

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Diggin' In The Carts - Episode 6: Featuring Music From Tekken

The Red Bull Music Academy has produced a short documentery series that explores the creation of Video Game music in Japan. The latest episode released online from the series features Katsuhiro Harada and the Tekken music team that offers insight into their thoughts on creating music for the Tekken series. It makes for interesting viewing with if you enjoy this kind of 'behind the scenes' look on the Tekken series bundled with the high production RedBull has. If you enjoy watching this episode of the documentary, you can catch other episodes featuring other renowned video game music producers on the Diggin' In The Carts website here.

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