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Round-Up: Tekken 7 Interviews At Jump Festa 2016

Jump Festa 2016 was a mainly Anime/Manga event that went down in Japan this past weekend but Bandai Namco Entertainment was present to announce a whole slew of games. Gaming press at the event got the chance to get updates on the Tekken series by interviewing the lead game designer and Harada's personal translator Michael Murray. There's piecemeal bits of information on Tekken 7 & Tekken X Street Fighter revealed accross numerous sites so this post will be rounding it all up.

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Arcade Stream Crashes Twitch Tekken Crash

The Twitch sponsored Tekken Crash is a really cool event for Tekken fans and there's a lot of excitement behind it, especially when you're there in Korea to experience such an event. To give you a better idea and overall vibe of the place, the Arcade Stream crew got the chance to appear at the scene and interview a number of people at Tekken Crash. The insight from some of the players as well as the good production of the video makes it a cool watch. If you like this sort of Fighting game related content, you can also subscribe to the Core-A Gaming YouTube channel which has several other good videos.

Core-A Gaming ≫

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EVO 2015 - Bandai Namco Panel ft. Harada & Murray

Thanks goes to the official EVO Youtube channel for the speedy upload, the video for the Bandai Namco Panel at EVO 2015 is now available for viewing. In it, Aris is joined by Harada, Murray and Markman as they delve deep into several topics about Tekken 7 and answer questions about the title and the scene surrounding it. The video spans about an hour so it's almost about the length of an average ATP Live episode. There's plenty of good information to take from this so it's well worth watching in it's entirety. You can catch it all below:

EVO YouTube channel ≫

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MASTERCUP EVO 2015 Interview with Japan's ORZ Yuu & Nobi

Japan's most famous Tekken playing duo Yuu & Nobi recently got picked up by the Otaku React Zest group which is a company that is set out to spread the otaku 'Akiba culture' which may have a negative connotation depending on who you ask. Their recent efforts have them sponsoring top Tekken players to EVO which is what's making this a frightfully difficult tournament to come up top now with the increase in well regarded foreign players. MASTERCUP sat down with both Yuu & Nobi to ask what they feel and think traveling across the world and competing in such an event, as well as general past experiences and who they're watching out for. The complete Japanese interview is now published on the MASTERCUP website which you can see in the URL. I can't currently provide a full translation of the interview so feel free to use complete auto translate but I've done a little bit of the interview below.

MASTERCUP EVO 2015 Interview ≫

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Kotak Game's Interview with Knee

The Indonesian gaming site Kotak Game has recently taken the time to do a brief interview with Korea's popular Tekken player Knee. The interview goes over a number of topics on Tekken 7 and what he currently thinks of the game so it's good reading if you're interested in knowing what Knee has to say about the game. The entire interview is written in Indonesian up on the site but there's a transcript in English which is also available here. You can read the entire interview below:

Kotak Game Interview ≫

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