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Tekken 7 Developer Q&A Video: Tournament Mode

Tekken Project leads Katsuhiro Harada & Michael Murray discuss Tekken 7's Online Tournament Mode in a new Developer Q&A video. They both discuss the new mode and what it means for players online; particularly the not so hardcore Tekken fans that grind Ranked Mode or have gone out to enter the tournaments. This new mode will hopefully give newcomers a small dip into the competitive Tekken scene in a tournament format. This Q&A video is part of a small ongoing Q&A video series so be on the look out for more in the future. Video courtesy of Bandai Namco Europe.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe ≫

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IGN Video Interview with Japanese Pro Tekken Player Nobi

Famed Tekken Instructor Nobi recently got interviewed by the IGN crew during their visit to the Namco Sugamo arcade in Tokyo, Japan. The video interview to come from this gives us a more close and personal look as to how Nobi got into the Tekken series and how he managed to eventually turn it into a career by getting employed by the arcade to teach players the ropes in Tekken. Nowadays Nobi can still be found giving new players Tekken lectures alongside his fellow Yamasa sponsored Tekken players; Yuu and Take. You can catch Nobi streaming various games with Yuu over on their gaming Twitch channel.

IGN Video interview ≫

Nobi's Twitter ≫

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IGN Video - Inside the Development of Tekken 7

IGN recently put up their video tour of the development offices from the Tekken project team in Bandai Namco Japan. Game Director Kouhei Ikeda, Program Director Kei Kudo & Lead Character Director Tomoko Odashima give their thoughts behind creating the latest installment in the long running Tekken franchise. There's also minor bits of playable video of the characters Eliza & Kuma but it is all still early footage.


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Tekken Podcast - The Player's Messej Featuring JustFrameJames

Season 2 of Setnomessej's series of 'The Player's Messej' Tekken podcasts has come around and features for this episode an interview with SoCal's extraordinaire Marshall Law / Yoshimitsu player Just Frame James. Just Frame James has been around the US Tekken scene for quite awhile now being one of region's more competitive & notable players since Tekken 6. Found within is an extensive interview spanning roughly 2 hours as JFJ divulges his character choices in Tekken, his current thoughts on Tekken 7 including his tier list, how the guest character Akuma factors into the game and much more. The podcast was recently streamed live over Setnomessej's Twitch channel but the YouTube archive is now available for those that want to catch up. You can check out this episode of the podcast as well Setnomessej's other videos on his YouTube channel:

Setnomessej ≫

Just Frame James ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

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Interviews, Compilations, Archives & More from the UK King Of Iron Fist 2016 Qualifier

The Bandai Namco Head Office in the UK opened its doors this past Friday to usher in strong Tekken competition for the sake of finding our champion to best represent the region in the Global finals for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016. Manning the commentary station at the event was the team of Bubsy, Ketchup & Mustard guiding the stream throughout the tournament action as it was happening live. King Jae was our man at the event with his recent YouTube channel videos that give us closer vision of the qualifier - catching the hype and excitement from the crowd and even grabbing the people available for interviews so big ups goes to him for the quality content. You can check out those videos as well as the complete Twitch archive for the event over here:

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe ≫

King Jae YouTube Channel ≫

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