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Tekken Mura Interview with Deku

The next part of Shana's ongoing series of interviews with famous Tekken players for the Tekken Mura website has recently been published. In this part, Shana interviews famed Japanese Mishima player Deku aka Ryo - who you might remember from being Japan's first ever Tekken God by beating Nobi in a deathmatch. Translation of the interview with Deku done by me and the next interview Shana conducted and will be publishing for the Tekken Mura website will be with Korea's own JDCR.

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Tekken Mura Interview with Only Practice

Shana's interview with the famous Korean Nina/Lars/Leo player - Only Practice during his recent trip to South Korea is now live on the Tekken Mura website. In it, Only Practice goes over a variety of topics such as when he started playing Tekken, his character choices, who he thinks are on top in Korea and a bit more. The interview isn't that extensive but it's an interesting read regardless. Interview is in complete Japanese but I went ahead and translated it for everyone below. Check back on the site in the future as the next player interview will be with top Japanese Mishima player Ryo (aka Deku.)

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Tekken Revolution - E3 Stage Demo and Interview

Gamespot has recently taken the oppurtunity to meet and interview Harada and Murray on the recently announced and released free-to-play Tekken over at E3. In this interview, they discuss several topics such as the decision behind some of the changes in the game, the possibility of adding new content, (including entirely new characters!) the possibility of features in this title to be added to future Tekken games and more. You can watch the interview below.

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TTT2 - Renikon's Interview with JDCR

Renikon has recently took the time to sit down with JDCR for an impromptu interview while he was there for the ECTV tournament. In this interview they discuss several interesting topics such as the state of the Tekken scene, thoughts on the game, general mentality and more. You can find the interview below.

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TTT2: JDCR's Interview With Qudans

Up next on JDCR's interview list is the well known Mishima player Qudans. In it, you'll find them discussing several different topics such as playing Mishimas, his thoughts on some players, past stories and more. A really good read which you can check out over on JDCR's Blog.