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Help Me's Post-EVO2014 Interview with JDCR

Shortly after his big win at EVO 2014, Help Me took the time to catch up with the EVO champion JDCR and discuss his thoughts on the tournament itself and participating in it. Topics like which players at the tournament he was looking out for, thoughts going up against certain characters and interesting matches get discussed in the interview up on the Tekken Mura website. Since it's in complete Japanese though, I went ahead and roughly translated it for everyone to read.

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TTT2: Help Me's Online Kumite 6/1

Help Me is giving everyone the chance to play against him in an online TTT2 kumite event with Tekken Mura members. It's open to everyone to participate as long as you sent in the small application to participate in the kumite on the website. If you do manage to play against Help Me online, Help Me will also give you advice and tips to help improve your Tekken play through the Tekken Mura website and through commentary. Entry is free for those looking to get in on this but it is capped at 30 people and probably only for either Japanese or Korean players due to the latency. Help Me's online kumite is going to be streamed on through his newly created Twitch channel.

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CafeId Presents: Tekken League ft. Knee, HelpMe, LowHigh, JDCR & Saint

Updated (17th Feb): Event now over and done, I've added in the archives and results.

CafeId has to be one of my most favorite Tekken related channels on Twitch. The CafeId crew recently announced the "CafeId Tekken League" which will feature some of the best players Korea has to offer to battle it out on stream. I've added the details of the event below.

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TTT2: Korea VS Japan Death Matches from Namco Sugamo

Here comes next batch of videos from Namco Sugamo featuring the South Korean guests that came over to compete in MASTERCUP. You can see them going up against high level Japanese players in these videos which I just got up in my Youtube channel. Once again, major thanks goes to Yuu and Nobi for setting this all up. Enjoy the vids.

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UPDATED: LowHigh and HelpMe to lead Korean team at MasterCup 5!

**EDIT: Article updated as of 30th of January. Qudans is now no longer entering the tournament and his entry place will go to LowHigh. Added the source and new team into the article.

MasterCup Official has just announced that Qudans and HelpMe will be leading a team at the next MasterCup tournament! They'll be teamed up with fellow Korean players moQ, Vengeance and Jisoo in this big 5 on 5 tournament which will pit some great talents from Korea up against the best that Japan has to offer. I personally cannot wait for this big event which will go down in Tokyo this year.

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