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Tekken 7 - LowHigh VS Japan Match Videos

Budding new Korean Tekken top player; LowHigh recently took the opportunity to go to Tokyo and play amongst Japan's best in arcade Tekken 7 last week. There's a number of deathmatch videos already surfacing online on YouTube with LowHigh going up against the likes of Nobi, Furumizu, Karei, Jakoko and more with some of his high ranked characters. As of now, LowHigh is still in Japan so even more Tekken 7  deathmatch footage may come out. I'll be pooling all the videos together from the following YouTube channels:

Namco Sugamo (Shudy) ≫

Nishi Nippori Game Spot Versus ≫

TekkenCube ≫

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YUU NOBI CUP | MASTERCUP 5on5 Tekken 7 Tournament on May 4

Taking place tomorrow at the Namco Hakata Bus Terminal arcade is the YUU NOBI CUP 5on5 tournament. Named after famed Japanese top players Yuu and Nobi, this MASTERCUP tournament pits the best East Japan has to offer against the south in TEKKEN 7. The tournament is being streamed entirely on so you can watch all the TEKKEN 7 action live on the Game Newton channel. Additionally, later tonight in Japan (May 3) is the TEAM YUU VS TEAM NOBI 'Night before the tournament' event taking place at the same arcade in Fukuoka Japan. Everyone out there interested in watching fierce Tekken competition, this event is not one to miss.


Team YUU VS Team Nobi ≫

Tournament updates ≫

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Nobi's Beginner Guide Videos For Tekken 7

Just before Nobi Gaisen 2 Cup took place, Nobi recorded and created a set of introductory Beginner's guide videos for people looking to pick up Tekken 7. It covers the basics of Tekken 7 as well as recommend simple combos that new players should use as they play and learn the game. It covers all the characters available in the current Tekken 7 version out in arcades to play and makes for a neat little resource if you want a place to start when picking up a new character. All these videos come from the Nobi's Beginner Guide page and should be available for everyone to see. I can't embed these videos onto this site so I'll link each character's video below as well as transcribe some notes from the videos.


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Nobi Gaisen Cup 2 | Japanese 3on3 Tournament on March 20

Nobi Gaisen Cup returns this year, the smaller scale Japanese Tekken 7 tournament organized by MASTERCUP that celebrates Nobi's triumphant victory at EVO 2015. The tournament is being held at the Namco Hakata Bus Terminal arcade which is located on the south western side of Japan within Fukuoka. Notable Tokyo players: Yuu, Nobi & Take as well as Osakan players: Yosurin, Nisshin & MakoRyu are making the trip over to that side of Japan bringing good East vs West vs South competition. You can catch Nobi Gaisen Cup 2 being streamed in it's entirety on MASTERCUP's niconico's channel as well the website.

Nobi Gaisen Cup 2 Stream URL ≫

Tournament Organiser (Updates) ≫



Additionally, the day before the event on March 19 - Bandai Namco is hosting a Tekken Girl's Club session in the same arcade. It is an event tailored for newer players and girls that features Bandai Namco official cosplayers as well as Yuu & Nobi to coach and teach players looking to pick up Tekken 7. It too will be streamed live over on

Tekken Girl's Club Vol. 1 Stream URL ≫

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Nobi VS Tokido Exhibition Match at Japan Amusement Expo 2016

Tekken 7 Assistant Producer Nakatsu tweeted recently that the Japan Amusement Expo show this weekend is going to hold an Exhibition Match during a Bandai Namco stage show. The Tekken 7 2015 world champion: Nobi will face off against the Murderface Tokido in the latest version of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution live on stage. The exhibition match will be taking place on the public day of JAEPO2016 starting at 10:40 AM Japan time on February 20th. Additionally, the stage show will focus on the new characters and systems featured in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution and showcase new activity from the Tekken Girls' Club which is a cosplaying Tekken group that any girl can join. There's also potential for news on Tekken 7 Fated Retribution to be revealed from the event making it one not to miss. No word yet on a Twitch stream of the Bandai Namco stage show at JAEPO but the niconico stream has been set-up and will be going live on the 20th.

niconico Stream URL ≫

Bandai Namco JAEPO Stage Show ≫

JAEPO 2016 Details ≫

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