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Ultimate Tournament XVI | Top 8 Results

Due to an unforeseen issue, Ultimate Tournament XVI could not be streamed this year. The entire event will however be re-broadcasted on Twitch with YouTube archive videos to follow shortly. You can catch the rebroadcast & archives on Realmenace's channel in the near future. The full result of the tournament is now available and I have it listed all below. Once again, thanks goes to the sponsors Bandai Namco Europe and MadCatz for supporting the event, the CKT group for coming together and helping the tournament run smoothly and of course, everyone from Europe who attended as well as all the international guests for participating in the event!

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CKT_Gaming cam footage from the event ≫

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Peruvian Top Player Abel Del Maestro Enters UTXVI

Finally, the next international player to be entering Ultimate Tournament XVI this October 17th is none other then top Peruvian player Abel Del Maestro. This will be the chance for him to prove himself to the international Tekken community as a really fierce-some player that has toppled invading Korean players like JDCR and Saint before in tournaments. He'll be putting Capoiera feet up Europe's ass over there. All four of them. A trailer for Abel Del Maestro has been prepared for everyone to see.

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Peru Prevails Against JDCR in Tekken Peru Tournament

This past weekend saw the Tekken Peru Tournament event going down and JDCR from Korea was flown down to participate quickly after his Final Round 18 victory. This time, JDCR actually managed to struggle against the competition that South America brought and was successfully repelled from taking top place. JDCR's first match in Top 8 against Sapito (The Lei/Xiaoyu player who also beat Saint in tournament) resulted in a loss which left him having to work his way through the tournament in the loser's bracket. It was later in the GF that Abel Del Maestro - The Capoiera Peruvian champion managed to successfully seal the deal and knock out JDCR from the tournament 3-0 from the winner's side. This comes as a monumental victory for players in the region as they have now showcased that they have what it takes to beat the best in Tekken. The event was streamed on AtomixGames Twitch channel and you can catch up on the stream with the archive below.

Tekken Peru Tournament Challonge ≫

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The HELP ME Challenge - PERU 2014 Teaser

The announcement from the recent Peruvian Tekken Slugfest event is that the Peru Tekken community is setting up a new "THE HELP ME CHALLENGE" event this coming November. Help Me will be in Peru shortly after MASTERCUP.7 for this event (challenge) as well as the upcoming 'Tekken Extreme Tournament' in Bolivia on November 8 and 9. To help get everyone acquinted with Help Me for this trip, Help Me recorded a short video message for the South American Tekken community. Thanks goes to Peruvian Wolves for the video.

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TEKKEN SLUGFEST - Peruvian 5 VS 5 Battle on the 14th Of September

UPDATE: The event has concluded and I have now updated this piece with the YouTube archive!

TEKKEN SLUGFEST is a Tekken event in which the Peruvian Tekken community is setting up for on the 14th of September this year. It features the best Tekken talent that region has to offer (most notably the current Peruvian, South American champion 'Abel Del Maestro') going head to head in a 5-on-5 'East VS South' Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Battle. The event is currently planned on being streamed on the Elite Gaming House TV Twitch channel and archives will later be put up on the Peruvian Wolves YouTube channel so everybody should look forward to the event happening in the near future!

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