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TTT2: Next batch of Japanese Tekken videos from Namco Sugamo

If you aren't already aware, I've started to record Tekken footage from Yuu & Nobi's Nico stream and upload them to my YouTube account. This is an effort to give the Japanese Tekken community more exposure as well as to archive some of the great footage on there since nicovideo seems a bit finicky with it's archive system (Stream archives older then a week are no longer viewable). The results of this is HOURS of high level Japanese tekken videos straight from Namco Sugamo on Youtube. You can see the latest uploads embedded below.

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KOR: "TTT2 Needs to be Changed to 3/5 Tournament Standard"

Top US Tekken competitor KOR disrelishes one major aspect of his Tekken related travels: randomness. KOR wrote an article in facebook outlining his reasonings for his want for the change. He mentions that the riotous damage within the game defninitely leads to victories to the weaker player. You can read the full article and the link below.

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Namco Bandai Announces Tekken Card Tournament

Well, can't say I wasn't expecting this one. Namco Bandai has just recently announced a new "free-to-play" Tekken game for mobile, tablet and web browsers. Alongside this, Namco plans to also sell physical 'booster' card packs that will accommodate the game via QR codes. You can read further details below.

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4th E-Sports JAPAN CUP TTT2 Tournament Results and Videos

During this weekend, Japan held the fourth series of the E-Sports JAPAN CUP tournament which included Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the roster. This tournament featured a male and female group of players to battle things out for quite the amount of prizes while also including a seperate JAPAN OPEN competition for several other notable Japanese players to compete in. I've managed to capture several of these matches onto my Youtube channel and have them embedded below along side the results of this event.

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TTT2: Tag Throw Oddities Video by Monga Munga

Well here's an interesting in game oddity to wrap your head around, seems like Yoshimitsu's position on the screen after performing the charge move as TA leaves some interesting manipulation of tag mechanics. You can see the weird result of this in the video below.

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