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TEKKEN-NET Updated With New Items and Events

Seems like Namco is keen to continue support for the arcade system of TTT2 even in the face of console TTT2 coming out really soon. The JPN TEKKEN-NET site has recently updated with several new items, another illustration draw in the vein of the previous one which includes the Tekken Hybrid character renders and easier team trials. Hit the link to see more.

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TTT2: Combo Mastery Video

Namco have just uploaded their latest official combo video that was shown at PAX onto their Youtube channel. Shows some interesting juggles along with showing off what the new console characters can do, check it out below.

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Mad Catz announces TTT2 TE stick for PS3, X360, and Wii U!

While there was little doubt regarding Mad Catz and TEKKEN coming together to make an arcade stick for the upcoming fighter, it is interesting to note that their latest endeavour will be a bit more ambitious as it aims to be the first arcade stick to appear for the upcoming Wii U console. This could potentially promote the Wii U's future viability for fighting games on that platform in a competitive sense. You can read the press release below.

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New Armor King Fire Breath Tech Catch Discovered

Looks like the game is opening more and more up as days go by, a video that shows an ingenious use of Armor King's unblockable fire breath move mid combo has just surfaced on taktak1893's youtube channel. You can check it out below.

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