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Top 8 Tekken Player Rankings By @KITVandy 

Kumite in Tennesse tournament organiser: Ian Vandy Davis recently created an online Google Document that ranks Tekken players that have placed top 8 at US Tekken tournaments. Points are given to players for their final placing and the amount of points given are directly proportional to the amount of entrants that a tournament has. There's a main ranking list that scores players solely in the US with another scoring US + Korean players and it comes up with interesting results. You can check out the online document here.

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EVO 2014 - Game Lineup Announced, Tekken is out.

MrWizard just announced the EVO 2014 game lineup on an episode of The Fray on Iplaywinner and it turns out that Tekken is out. The full lineup that you'll see this year at the tournament is Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, King of Fighters XIII, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Killer Instinct, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma and finally Super Smash Bros Melee but that game's appearance has to be confirmed by Nintendo first. No Tekken at EVO this year.


1st Annual "Filthy Cup" Tournament in Copabanana, Philadelphia 

While it was a big weekend for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 due to the Global Championships taking place, there's also the Filthy Cup occuring in Philadelphia today. The Filthy Cup is a 3D Fighting Game exclusive tournament that will celebrate the Tekken series in honor of the work FilthieRich did for the community. The event will be broadcasted over on Bifuteki's twitch channel at around 6PM EST so be sure to tune in!

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BLACK★KNEE Kumite Videos By Kuro Kuro

Kurokuro uploaded a series of videos featuring several US players up against Knee during his stay at Las Vegas for EVO 2013. There's also some extensive video editing featured within these videos as frame data on the player's moves is displayed within the matches. You can watch all the matches below and you can find more Black★ series of videos up on Kurokuro's YouTube channel.

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