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Tekken 7 - Knee VS Nobi Arcade Deathmatches

Clash of the Tekken titans once again, Nobi and Knee came together in Japan to battle it out for region pride. Historically, Knee is usually the dominating deathmatching machine that ends up demoting most of the people he plays against but Nobi in recent times have been going back and forth with Knee across Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to Tekken 7 vanilla and now the current version of Tekken 7 in arcades. It's the countries' best pitted against each other so come check out how it all went down. Once again, huge thanks goes to Kuro Kuro for streaming and uploading all the match footage. You can check out his YouTube over here:

Kuro Kuro's YouTube channel ≫

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T7FR - Aris (Dragunov) VS Poongko (Akuma) at CEO 2016

Akuma is starting to look a lot more scary in Tekken 7 FR now. Thanks goes out to Bifuteki for the quick upload from CEO 2016. This was streamed over on the TEKKEN twitch channel and you can catch the archives there for more Tekken 7 Fated Retribution footage.

Bifuteki ≫

TEKKEN Twitch archive ≫

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Watch The Nobi VS Tokido Exhibition Match on T7FR's New Mishima Building Stage

Taken place at the Japanese Press conference event for Tekken 7 Fated Retribution was once again another Nobi VS Tokido exhibition match. Once again those crazy Japanese with their production levels, they had Lenne Hardt back introducing the players and even made Nobi wear his championship ring during the exhibition. It was a short set but Nobi used his Dragunov against Tokido's Akuma in the latest build of the game which will be out next month. The build had the new Mishima Building stage which is a sprawling elevator stage with a transition to the rooftop in the later rounds. Since the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 was announced, Tokido mentioned himself on the broadcast that he himself is now interested in participating in Tekken 7 tournaments so who knows, you may face off against the 'Murderface' yourself at the next tournament.

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TTT2 - Extensive Xiaoyu/Dragunov Combo Data by Payopayo84

For those who don't know, Payopayo84 is a Japanese Tekken player most notably known for creating Combo Videos (Kung Fu Kitten is amazing) and the great 'I'm on your side' series of tutorials on his YouTube channel. This week, Payopayo84 put out an extensive, combo data Excel speadsheet onto the internet for his main team of Xiaoyu/Dragunov. It's really a large piece of work and interesting to look through if you happen to read a bit of Japanese and know Japanese notations. You can find the huge document linked below.

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TTT2 - Nobi VS Furumizu & Neo VS Matador Match Archives

Japan streamed quite the number of great Dragunov footage this past weekend. Yuu & Nobi during their live broadcasts on niconico streamed a replay of the Tekken Emperor deathmatch between Nobi [DRA/LARS] & Furumizu [DRA/LEI] who are arguably some of the best the country has to offer. Additionally, the past "Matador's Abusive Friday" broadcast at the Orange House arcade in Osaka, Japan had Neo [FEN/DRA] visit and play against Matador. For those who don't know, Neo (ネオ) was one of the more notable Dragunov players during T6BR so it's great so see him still playing. There's also several other great players (Knee, Karei, Tengoku etc) featured in the videos if you aren't to keen on watching Dragunov matches. I've recorded all the low quality niconico broadcasts and have them uploaded to my YouTube channel for everyone to see below.

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