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MASTERCUP J1 Climax 2013 - Results & Archive

MASTERCUP Jigoku 1 Climax 2013 has come to a close and we now have the conclusion to this big bout down in Kyushu Japan. I've managed to record the entire tournament and have it uploaded onto my YouTube channel in case you happened to miss out on watching this event live. And just in case you're wondering yes, the video quality is super rough (someone teach the Japanese how to stream on Twitch quick!) Well anyways make sure to check everything out below.

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MASTERCUP J1 Climax 2013 | Japanese 3on3 Tekken Team Tournament Streamed Live on July 14th

The "Hell Festival" is almost here, the smaller scale 3on3 MASTERCUP tournament that is being held in the city of Kitakyushu in Japan. Whilst the entries were limited at 45 team resulting with a total of 135 players participating overall, there are quite some big names entered. The live stream for the event will be carried out on the website through Yuu and Nobi's Tekken broadcast page so be sure to tune in and watch. You can check out the direct link, entries and more below.

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TTT2 - Nobi & Shudy's Tier Charts

What you are looking at now is an overall character tier chart crafted by both Nobi and Shudy (a regular Lee/Jin player at Namco Sugamo). The chart was made during a live broadcast in which both players went into greater detail about the listings and rated the characters in several other topics. Thankfully, Nobi posted the the charts with short descriptions on his Twitter which I've gotten some requests to try and translate it (feel free to correct any errors, not really confident in my translating). I've also recorded the live broadcast should anyone be interested in seeing it which you can find below.

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TTT2 - CafeId's Dual Tournament Ft. Knee, JDCR, AO, Lathin & More

For those of you who missed out on this big tournament live, the full archives are up on CafeId's Twitch channel. The tournament featured the best talent Korea had to offer as well as the Japanese guests; AO, Lathin and Take. This was then followed by deathmatches with Nin commentary in Green Arcade. More can be found below.

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TTT2 - 7/5 Japan VS Korea Matches In Green Arcade

In preparation for the upcoming Japan VS Korea Dual Tournament hosted by CafeId, two players from Japan were flown over to South Korea to participate. Lathin, the Leo/Lars player most noted for winning SBO 2012 and Take, the Majin ranked Bryan/Bob player both took the time to visit the Green Arcade to battle some well known Korean players. The matches were all streamed on the Green Arcade's twitch channel so there's archives for these big matches which you can find below.

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