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TTT2 - PEKKEN Festival & GODSGARDEN Outer Gate Finals

I knew I was forgetting something in the previous tournament news round-up. PEKKEN festival is a small 2on2 Japanese tournament run by the E-Sports Square Japan group with Pekosu as host. The event allowed players to come in and play during the casual 'Free play' sessions and watch and participate in the tournament. Alongside this, GODSGARDEN has wrapped up their online Outer Gate portion of their recent tournament series. Details, archives and more for these two events can be seen inside.

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TTT2 - GODSGARDEN GATE Qualifier 2 Results & Archive

Due to Twitch TV's recent site technical issues, the GODSGARDEN Gate stream for the second Outer Gate qualifier was moved over to their Ustream channel. Again, this qualifier was played online and also allowed players that failed in the first Outer Gate qualifier another chance to qualify in the second one. I've added below the results and Ustream archives for this event.

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TTT2 - 6/19 JP & KR Tournament News Round-Up

A lot of things are going on recently in both Japan and Korea so I thought I might string up this post to help keep everyone up to speed on what is going on. From within you can find announcements, results, developments and archives for some of the major events that are currently progressing.

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TTT2 - Jin Off, Tekken Lord Deathmatch, Pekken & Orange House Videos

Here's the latest batch of recorded streams that I have up on my Youtube channel. It features footage of the recent "Jin Off" competition in Namco Sugamo arcade which has several notable players like Amigo, AO, Zeugaru and more playing as Jin to see who has the best Jin around. Next is the Tekken Lord deathmatch between Nobi and SBO 2012 champ Lathin a day later in Namco Sugamo. "Pekken" is the new title of Pekosu's weekly online streams on Thursdays, If you want a frame of reference to get the idea when he streams, it usually starts right near the very end of WNFs then onwards. Lastly are the videos straight out of Osaka's Orange House with Matador as host. All of these can be seen below.

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TTT2 - Hell Festival MASTERCUP Tournament Announced

A new TTT2 Unlimited 3on3 Japanese tournament titled "Hell Festival MASTERCUP J1 CLIMAX 2013" has been confirmed over on the official MASTERCUP website. The tournament will go down on the 14th of July this year in the city of Kitakyushu within the Fukuoka prefecture and will cap the amount of entry teams to 45. (135 people total) Any details for broadcasting this event has yet to be mentioned so I'd stay tuned for further announcements.

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