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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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TTT2: Korea VS Japan Death Matches from Namco Sugamo

Here comes next batch of videos from Namco Sugamo featuring the South Korean guests that came over to compete in MASTERCUP. You can see them going up against high level Japanese players in these videos which I just got up in my Youtube channel. Once again, major thanks goes to Yuu and Nobi for setting this all up. Enjoy the vids.

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MASTERCUP.5 | Video archive now up on Youtube + 15on15 Battle

Okay so chances are you either screwed up, got screwed over by nico or ignored my advice on reserving the timeshift/share of the MASTERCUP event. Don't worry though, I've managed to record practically all the matches on stream in their low quality, non premium nico served goodness and uploaded them to my Youtube channel. I've also chucked in the videos from the Mastercup eve event (Tekken Bancho forces vs Mattari forces 15on15) in Namco Sugamo a night before Mastercup. Check it out below.

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MASTERCUP.5 | Japanese 5on5 Tekken Team Tournament Streamed Live on Feb 10th

UPDATE: As of now, the tournament is over and done! I've updated this article with the results.

The largest dedicated Tekken tournament series in Japan is almost here. The tournament which has a grand total of 125 5-man teams (625 people total!) entered will go down within Tokyo Leisure Land this year and will be streamed live for the world to see on Niconico. You can find more details on this tournament below.

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TTT2: Next batch of Japanese Tekken videos from Namco Sugamo

If you aren't already aware, I've started to record Tekken footage from Yuu & Nobi's Nico stream and upload them to my YouTube account. This is an effort to give the Japanese Tekken community more exposure as well as to archive some of the great footage on there since nicovideo seems a bit finicky with it's archive system (Stream archives older then a week are no longer viewable). The results of this is HOURS of high level Japanese tekken videos straight from Namco Sugamo on Youtube. You can see the latest uploads embedded below.

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UPDATED: LowHigh and HelpMe to lead Korean team at MasterCup 5!

**EDIT: Article updated as of 30th of January. Qudans is now no longer entering the tournament and his entry place will go to LowHigh. Added the source and new team into the article.

MasterCup Official has just announced that Qudans and HelpMe will be leading a team at the next MasterCup tournament! They'll be teamed up with fellow Korean players moQ, Vengeance and Jisoo in this big 5 on 5 tournament which will pit some great talents from Korea up against the best that Japan has to offer. I personally cannot wait for this big event which will go down in Tokyo this year.

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