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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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TTT2: Video Archives of InterColo Cup and Japan East VS West Events

What a busy weekend. In Korea, the 3on3 InterColo Cup tournament was held in Green Arcade while in Japan, the East VS West battle went down followed with some high ranked deathmatches in Namco Sugamo. You can watch the archives of these events below.

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TTT2: Next Video Batch + General News from Japan

Another huge batch of Tekken videos recorded from several Nico streams have been uploaded onto my YouTube channel. This batch features some Tekken players you may be familiar with such as Taizo, Tissuemon, Kyamome, Matador, Burimaru and more. I've also added some general news into this piece that I feel might be of interest and keep people up to date on what's recently going on over in Japan. Check it all out below.

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Annual Tougeki -Super Battle Opera- Tournament Temporarily On Hold

The Tougeki site has announced that the SBO series of tournaments in Japan are to be halted temporarily. Enterbrain has not disclosed the offset for this decision but has mentioned that while the large scale SBO tournament and it's qualification rounds have stopped, they'll still be planning to hold future assumedly smaller events for the community as its plan to help create a new rebirth of the Tougeki scene.

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TTT2 - Character Rankings and Data from TekkenBBS

Just got around to translating some data that I've picked up on the TekkenBBS site that I felt were good to share. Contains character, punishers, juggle damage rankings and some more data which are used to help out in creating tier lists. I've also added advice from Nobi on stepping characters into this piece so be sure to check it all out below. Feel free to correct any mistranslations or errors in the comments.

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TTT2: Stream and Death Match Videos from the Orange House

Introducing the Orange house (not pictured above fyi), a special place located within Osaka, Japan which features a game plaza with multiple TTT2 arcade setups and has strong Japanese players such as Main Street Ryu, Tissuemon, Matador, Buriburimaru and more that play regularly. The Orange House has recently started broadcasting matches onto the nicovideo site in the same style as the Yuu and Nobi's Namco Sugamo streams and while the quality is not the best (Fujisawa's streaming equipment is rubbish) more Tekken streams are always welcome. Recent broadcast recordings that I have taken can be found in my Youtube channel. Video embeds and links can be found below.

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