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Lionz Den 3 - Tekken 7 Playable with Asim VS Sodam Exhibition Match

The main event for Lionz Den 3 has been announced, a classic East VS West Tekken match with Europe's own Asim going up against Sodam from S.Korea in a first to five exhibition match in the boxing ring! These two combatants wil put their countries prides behind them as they head into the Lionz Den come the August weekend of the 13th. In addition, Bandai Namco UK announces that TEKKEN 7 will be playable at the event. No solid confirmation on which version of the game it will be but chances are high that Tekken 7 Fated Retribution will be there giving Europe a chance to check it out. Lionz Den 3 is going down in mid August at the Amba Hotel in London, UK so be sure to be there and catch all the Tekken action in person. Book your tickets now at the Lionz Den Gaming website:

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The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 - Country Representatives & Event Dates Revealed

The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 website has been updated detailing new information on the global Tekken tournament for this year. TKOIFT 2016 will be running Tekken 7 Fated Retribution and hold Japanese qualifiers in both the cities of Osaka and Tokyo like last year during the month of November. Japan will be getting in total 6 player representatives under the 3 divisions; "Anyone", Students & Female groups in the Grand Finals. Alongside the Japanese, Korea will be getting 8 players, 1st and 2nd place at EVO 2016 will be given spots and player representatives from North America, Europe & Asia will go to the finals scheduled for the 10th of December this year. For more details on the tournament including rulings and prizes, check out the website:


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First Guest Announcement for Lionz Den 3 - Sodam from Korea

Korean Xiaoyu superstar Sodam has been announced as attending Lionz Den 3 this year! Making a name for himself for his super aggressive Xiaoyu play-style, his most recent Tekken performance sees him taking 2nd in TTT2 at Button Smash 2015 and 2nd at Final Round 19 in T7 beating out the likes of Anakin, Princess Ling and more. Tickets to the event are now available to purchase on the Lionz Den website and purchasing a VIP ticket will let you play all the international guests on stage during the event's live broadcast. Lionz Den 3 is taking place in London on the weekend of August 13 - 14 this year.

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Interviews with Korean Player JDCR From Headstomper

Among all the festivities at the Swedish tournament Headstomper 2016, both The Main Man and Ozzy the Lion-o took the opportunity to grab JDCR for some quick Tekken interviews. JDCR from Korea is considered a champion of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 taking home multiple grand final finishes in a large amount of events worldwide so it's good viewing to see what is on his mind regarding the game and going into Tekken 7. His English speaking skills have improved from recent years making these interviews good quality to listen to which is pretty rare I should mention. A good job goes out to him personally. Both interviews are available on Youtube:

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LionZ Den 3 - Official Trailer For 2016

Lionz Den returns this year with Tekken! The premier European tournament series taking place in the UK brings together some of the best Europe has to offer to battle it out and give a good show. Lionz Den 2 last year boasted over 150 entrants in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with very strong international players attending like JDCR, Help Me, Kor and more. For this year, we may see some more suprises for the TTT2 tournament. Registration sign-ups for the event are now open and more from the tournament will come out in the future. Save the date: 13 - 14 August, 2016!

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