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T7FR 8/28 - Buts (Hwoarang) VS Gen (Bob) Deathmatch 

Japan's best Hwoarang going up against a young Tekken playing prodigy that got 2nd place at EVO 2014. A vicious dismantling occurs inside. Once again, big thanks goes to Shudy for always providing videos and streaming from the Japanese Namco Sugamo arcade, you can check out his channel here:

Shudy (Namco Sugamo) ≫

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Tekken 7 FR Arcade Online Update 'Version C' Balance Changelist

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is getting a big update tomorrow bringing T7FR up to version C or more simply, the "Bob Update." This online update for arcades bring a new wave of balance changes to the game and all the changes have been published online for everyone to see on the Tekken-Official website. Check it out here, but I went and translated it all for everyone here below!

Tekken-Official Version C ≫

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TEKKEN-NET Carry Over Data from Tekken 7 to Fated Retribution

Alongside the June 15 Press conference news, Tekken Official published a final complete list of all carry over data from Tekken 7 in arcades to the Fated Retribution update. Ranks are not getting completely reset but rather, you'll start off with a lower rank in Fated Retribution when it goes live next month. The most notable of news to come from this is that Treasure box and item development have been removed and that a new fight money shop is being implemented into Tekken-net. This news may not be much for those waiting out on console version but for those playing on the arcade version, I translated the list of carry over information below.


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Arcade Tekken 7 Large Scale Customization Campaign

A new online update to the Arcade versions of Tekken 7 rolled out today which contains improvements to the online matchmaking as well as a large addition of character customizations. Tekken 7 'Ver. L' brings along at least 1 new costume for each character and some of these might be costumes some have been waiting for. To get in on some of the customizations, TEKKEN-NET is running a large scale customization campaign from December 16th to January 13th Japan time for players to get a chance to get everything. The customization should be rolled out now to all regions with Tekken 7 arcade cabinets linked to Tekken-net so check and log-in to your Tekken-net site to check it out. The Japanese Tekken Official page for the event can be seen here:

TEKKEN 7 Large Scale Customization Campaign ≫

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Tekken 7 - Over an Hour of Furumizu Footage from the Oslo Batting Center

There's currently plenty of sources to look for when it comes to direct feed footage of Tekken 7 - Multiple arcades in Japan like Guntama's Miracle In arcade, Gao's Game Plaza, Akihabara's Leisure Land and also Knee's Tekken 7 stream from the KMBOX branch in South Korea. The Oslo's Batting Centre which is in Tokyo's Tachikawa region looks to join this list since there's now been efforts to record matches from there. Just to give some background on the place, it's primarily a place to take rounds batting in a steel cage but it also houses multiple Tekken 7 cabs for people to play. This place is more well known for players like Deku (Ryo), Mister, Furumizu and more going in there to take advantage of the cheaper game credits per Yen in the place (It's 50 yen per game in here as opposed to the usual 100 yen.) The first recorded piece of recorded T7 footage from the batting center is Furumizu (Paul) doing online matches against a high ranked Law and Feng player. If there's more footage to come out of this place, you can find them all on the masatoshi1102 YouTube channel.

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