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Top 8 Tekken Player Rankings By @KITVandy 

Kumite in Tennesse tournament organiser: Ian Vandy Davis recently created an online Google Document that ranks Tekken players that have placed top 8 at US Tekken tournaments. Points are given to players for their final placing and the amount of points given are directly proportional to the amount of entrants that a tournament has. There's a main ranking list that scores players solely in the US with another scoring US + Korean players and it comes up with interesting results. You can check out the online document here.

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TR: Wall Combo Ranking by Golden Eggs

I love these heirarchical combo videos. Golden Eggs does it again but this time outlining each character's damage potential at the wall. It doesn't have every character since he hasn't unlocked all of them yet, but it's still interesting to see.

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TTT2 - Japan VS USA Matches in Namco Sugamo's Ranking Battles

Yesterday's Ranking Battles inside the Namco Sugamo arcade in Japan had some guests from the US come participate. Kenny: a solo Paul player from USA and Kenneth: a Lili/Wang player who used to be from Washington state I believe (PSN is Kenneth2833) goes up against several great players like Kurokuro, Pidekun & Shana in the weekly ranking battles. Since the broadcast is over, I've gone ahead and archived it for everyone up on my new YouTube Channel.

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TTT2 - Character Rankings and Data from TekkenBBS

Just got around to translating some data that I've picked up on the TekkenBBS site that I felt were good to share. Contains character, punishers, juggle damage rankings and some more data which are used to help out in creating tier lists. I've also added advice from Nobi on stepping characters into this piece so be sure to check it all out below. Feel free to correct any mistranslations or errors in the comments.

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