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Rage Reaction Relationships for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 By Archer Mac

Archer Mac has been diligently studying and documenting the Rage Relationship mechanic which exists in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ever since the findings of the interesting system. One of his most extensive works include filling out the dedicated Tekken Zaibatsu's Wiki page with charts and calculations that show at what point certain tag teams within the game will trigger rage for the partner character. For those of you who find the chart a bit too complicated to read, Archer Mac has recently released the "Rage Reaction Relationships" program for Windows that visually details when certain character teams trigger rage. The program is pretty straight forward with how it works and all it requires you to do is select your two characters in the dropdown box and the program will do the rest. You can find the download link to the program below.

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TTT2 - LDMaxi Interview with JDCR

The original pioneer who networked Korean Tekken with the rest of world LDMaxi just had an ultra casual interview with JDCR. This is probably the most informative and revealing discourse with JDCR ever done via the internet.

A warning, they are having lunch in some diner with all the background noise hindering the quality of the sound. But it's a really nice interview with a lot of things discussed and it's really cool to still see LDMaxi continue to make content for Tekken even after quitting the game. Here is a link to his channel:


TTT2 - FULL Character Punishment Primer by Holy Knight

Jin HolyKnight posted an incredibly well done guide outlining how to punish anyone from the cast of TTT2. By default HolyKnight is using Mishima's to punish the characters but you can do your own research to see what compatible moves your character can do in the similar circumstances. This must have taken an insane amount of work to put together so major props to him.

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TTT2: Next Video Batch + General News from Japan

Another huge batch of Tekken videos recorded from several Nico streams have been uploaded onto my YouTube channel. This batch features some Tekken players you may be familiar with such as Taizo, Tissuemon, Kyamome, Matador, Burimaru and more. I've also added some general news into this piece that I feel might be of interest and keep people up to date on what's recently going on over in Japan. Check it all out below.

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TTT2 - Character Rankings and Data from TekkenBBS

Just got around to translating some data that I've picked up on the TekkenBBS site that I felt were good to share. Contains character, punishers, juggle damage rankings and some more data which are used to help out in creating tier lists. I've also added advice from Nobi on stepping characters into this piece so be sure to check it all out below. Feel free to correct any mistranslations or errors in the comments.

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