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Tekken 7 FR Prep - Learning Tekken Offense the Simple Way

Highlighting a educational video made by Manny Biggz who you might remember hanging around in Aris' chat. This video focuses on forming an offense in Tekken and it's directed at people who might be new to Tekken but are familiar with other fighting games like Street Fighter. This is all explained in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 but all the info carries over to Tekken 7 and gives you a good idea on how you form your offense in relation to the game's common frame data when you sit down and start taking things seriously. Interested in playing Tekken 7 when it comes out worldwide in early 2017? This is a good place to start.

Manny Biggz ≫

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T7FR - Yoshimitsu Punishment and Fubuki Knee Combo Videos

A Japanese Tekken player named Eston on twitter has recently put out videos on Yoshimitsu showing the best punishers to use with the character as well as look at the combos you do off the Fubuki Knee (ff+4) now that it doesn't combo into BT 2. Damage values are shown in the clips giving you a good indication of which option you should be going for now in T7FR and I transcribed it below into English. And uh... Don't mind the music in the clip.

Eston (エストン) ≫

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Interviews with Korean Player JDCR From Headstomper

Among all the festivities at the Swedish tournament Headstomper 2016, both The Main Man and Ozzy the Lion-o took the opportunity to grab JDCR for some quick Tekken interviews. JDCR from Korea is considered a champion of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 taking home multiple grand final finishes in a large amount of events worldwide so it's good viewing to see what is on his mind regarding the game and going into Tekken 7. His English speaking skills have improved from recent years making these interviews good quality to listen to which is pretty rare I should mention. A good job goes out to him personally. Both interviews are available on Youtube:

Lionz Den ≫

The Main Man ≫

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How to beat Akuma's Fireballs in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution

Tekken-Official just put up a page that focuses on options of dealing with Akuma's fireballs. Akuma is a new inclusion from the game hailing from the Street Fighter series and he brings an interesting dynamic to the core Tekken experience. As such, he pretty much retains a lot of things from his SF4 incarnation but of course balanced in the Tekken world. Jumping in either directions or sidestepping in T7FR will avoid you getting hit by his Hadoukens and each Tekken character has been given moves that have properties that beat out the fireball. There's a list of each Tekken character's attack with this property on the site but I have it translated below for those who have trouble reading it.

Akuma's Fireballs ≫

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ATP Live Episode 85 ft @Harada_TEKKEN, @mykeryu, @reepal, and @MarkMan23 

This episode of ATP Live is more special this time around since it was live at Final Round 18 and features Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from Namco as guests. You can usually catch ATP Live every Thursday night at 8pm PST by following the link below.