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Tekken 7 Pre-Launch Version - Looking at the Combo System

Update: Added a few more important bits of information in the stage awareness section.

Tekken 7 is a new game and with that comes with some new changes. Early reports from Japanese arcade goers paints an interesting picture as to how you will want to craft your combos in the new game. Now that bound as we normally use to perform them is altered and mostly removed, there's a new combo extending property that looks to 'bound' the opponent a greater distance then before in previous Tekken games. Just so we're all clear on what to call them, Bandai Namco is officially calling these new moves 'Screw Attacks' (Abbreviation - S!) so I guess the community can move on from calling the attacks Kirimomi/Tailspins. I've also got some other interesting quirks of the combo system in Tekken 7 that I feel like should be looked at so I've added all of those below. Of course, this all comes from a 'pre-launch' version of the game so this could all very well change in the future so do keep note of that.

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TTT2 - Adding Tag Button to Bound Move Inputs Alters Tracking

While we all know that pressing the Tag button with the input of a bound move brings in the partner character for a TA combo, it seems that it adds a little more changes to a move's properties in how it tracks. As YOU@KYSG demonstrates in the following video, the second hit of Nina's Ivory cutter gains further tracking to Nina's left after a blocked jab. This is the example used within the video but it's been documented that other bound moves like Jin's ff+3, Kazuya's d/b+2, Dragunov's wr+2 and ff+2 and several other bound moves gain additional tracking with the added tag button input. It's an interesting bit of information to know and maybe worth adding to your gameplay. The video (neta100) is from theater10's YouTube channel and there's further documentation on this on YOU@KYSG's Zexi page.

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Harada on Revealing Frame Data in Tekken Games

On twitter, Kurokuro asked Harada about displaying official frame data into the Tekken games since it would make his job of creating some match videos with frame data much more easier (Knee Kumite). Harada responds with a lengthy tweet that goes into the decision of not displaying the frame data and the implications of him revealing it. It's quite an interesting read but it's all in Japanese so I took the liberty of translating the whole tweet for us English readers.

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TTT2 - Extensive Xiaoyu/Dragunov Combo Data by Payopayo84

For those who don't know, Payopayo84 is a Japanese Tekken player most notably known for creating Combo Videos (Kung Fu Kitten is amazing) and the great 'I'm on your side' series of tutorials on his YouTube channel. This week, Payopayo84 put out an extensive, combo data Excel speadsheet onto the internet for his main team of Xiaoyu/Dragunov. It's really a large piece of work and interesting to look through if you happen to read a bit of Japanese and know Japanese notations. You can find the huge document linked below.

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TR - Winter Campaign Announced, Jun & Armor King Join the Roster

New update on the official Tekken Revolution website describes the new Winter Campaign that is upcoming for the free-to-play game. The winter campaign includes various log in bonuses, DAN Rank cap being raised, bonus experience for players under the level 40 and also adds Armor King & Jun Kazama to the roster. The campaign is active from the 26th of November and lasts until the 3rd of December this year. You can see all the details of the new promotional campaign below.

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